Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Winter Discovery by Michael Baron

I LOVE Michael Baron! He can write wonderfully heart warming stories that stay with you forever!  Michael Baron can write!  His characters are fully developed, the story lines of his books are solid.  The subject matter he writes about is touching.  He is a new author I have found through the Publisher, Story Plant.  Through a 'spread the word' initiative from the Publisher, this book was brought to my attention, and I'm so glad they did this!  Since I have read other books by Michael Baron, I could NOT pass this novella up!  It is a short story, about 60 pages in length, short, but has a punch to it you will never forget.  All of Michael Baron's book are as excellent as this one is.  He is an author you do NOT want to pass up!

This book is a sequel to the book "When You Went Away", although this book can stand alone on it's own quite perfectly, as it is written so magically and beautifully.  It is a Christmas story you will want to pick up and reread every year.  In this book, we have a little boy, Reese, who lost his mother when he was an infant.  He never got to know his Mom.  We also get to see Christmas through his Dad and his step mother as well.  They love Reese very much.

We see Christmas through the eyes of this five-year old child through the magic of the Christmas television shows he sees.  Life is as it happens through these characters.  He expects Frosty to really come to life, and his play reflects it.  He tries to explain to his Dad that Frosty WILL come to life if he is exactly as he is like in the TV show they watched last night.  Dad should know this!  The innocence of this little boy is heart warming!

Another 5-star book from Michael Baron, very well worth reading!  Another 'don't miss this book OR this author'!  Snatch this book up right away and read it at any time of year!  The message will be as heart warming at any time you read it!  I HIGHLY recommend this book!

I received this book for “FREE” from Story Plant, A Spread the Word Initiative, through NetGalley,through their Book Reviewer’s Program in exchange to read and write a review about this book.  It is NOT required for my review I write to be either positive or negative, but, “of my own opinion.”  I was NOT provided with “ANY” monies to accept this book, “NOR” to read it, NOR were “ANY” monies given to me to write the review for this book.  All that was ‘expected’ of me was to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it.  Again, the opinions expressed for and about this book are ‘of my own opinion’.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


  1. Thanks for the thorough review, Laurie. Looks like a really good book!

  2. Hi Monique!
    I'm sorry I JUST saw your comment on "A Winter Discovery" by Michael Baron. I'm glad you like the review! I just LOVE Michael Baron! This is his 3rd book, I believe, I have read of his. He writes so nicely, and such great stories! Very original. He's a joy to read!
    Thank you for coming by to read the review!
    I just posted a few more reviews, one on "Beatrice Munson" by Lorena Bathey, which is being given away in the Follower's Love Giveaway Blog Hop - and is written by a BRILLIANT author!
    I also just posted a new review on the book "Before I Go To Sleep" by S J Watson, his debut book, as well! It was an amazing story full of suspense! ALL 3 of these books were beyond GREAT! We are SO lucky we have some excellent authors out there right now!
    I am discovering another new author who I am enjoying immensely, and it is Amy Manemann who wrote Deadly Reunion. That is a very good book, so far!
    Don't you just LOVE books!
    So MANY GREAT books out there right now! I can't help but to want them ALL!
    OH! British Author Helen Smith who wrote Alison Wonderland is a RIOT! I'm reading that one right now, too! What a HOOT! I LOVE British authors, too! They surely have a way with words!
    Again, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    SO GLAD you came by!


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