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Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012 Come and JOIN us!

"Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012!"
Come join us!
26 Posts starting Sunday, April 1st, 2012!
NO! It's NOT an April Fool's joke! It's true!
Come have FUN!
You get Sunday's OFF for Good Behavior!
We do START on Sunday, April 1st, 2012! The ONLY Sunday we Blog!
"YOU" choose your theme of what YOU will write about!

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012!

This is the brainchild of Arlee Bird, at Tossing it Out, the A to Z Challenges to post the letter of the alphabet every day during the month of April, with Sundays off for good behavior. Since April 1 falls on a Sunday, that will be the day we start with A. Whether you go with a theme or freestyle, your post must match the letter of the alphabet for that day. Add your name to the list, grab the badge in the right sidebar, and when the Challenge begins, start by visiting the blog immediately after your own. Set a goal – we recommend five blogs a day, more if you are able.

When you visit other Blogs in ANY type of Challenge or Blog Hop, etc., you learn SO many things! You find other Challenges, Blog Hops, or different ways of Posting, learn new things from the articles they write, and SO much MORE! I have even found NEW ways of using Widgets! It is a wonderful thing to do, and a GREAT way to help support other Bloggers who are in on this same event! Leave a comment that you stopped by! It's ALWAYS WONDERFUL to receive COMMENTS and SUPPORT from other Bloggers!  

Don't go to the SAME blogs every day, unless you want to, but broaden your horizons by visiting more and different blogs, too! Visit many different Blogs! You will find and learn a LOT! I've learned this from my own experience! 

A HUGE "THANK YOU" TO OUR HOSTS, and we suggest you FOLLOW THEM to be able to stay on top of EVERYTHING that is going on, or changes, etc. (You can click on every Blog address and the link will take you there so you can follow ALL of them!) Here they are: 
A to Z Challenge Blog and the hosts: Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Stephen Tremp at Breakthrough Blogs, Jenny Pearson at Pearson Report, Matthew McNish at The QQQE, Tina Downey at Life is Good, Jeremy Hawkins at Retro-Zombie, DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude, Shannon Lawrence at The Warrior Muse, Elizabeth Mueller,Damyanti Biswas at Amlokiblogs, Karen Gowen at Coming Down the Mountain, and Konstanz Silverbow at No Thought 2 Small. We also have a Facebook page,  Email address, and the Twitter hashtag is #AtoZChallenge.

I would HIGHLY suggest you follow this Challenge on Twitter and Facebook! Here are the links to do so:


What is this, you ask? As it states above, and here is MORE information: Everyone who signs up for this Challenge, and the goal is to have at 'least' 1,000 Bloggers to participate! (If this number is NOT met, we will STILL HAVE THIS CHALLENGE!) you will write a Blog Post using the letters from A to Z all through April. We are to write a Blog Post EVERY day, starting from Sunday, April 1st, 2012! We will have Sundays OFF! Whew! There will be a total of 26 posts for the month! This will be IN ADDITION TO, in my instance, Book Reviews, Tours, Blog Hops, or anything else I may blog about in books!
It seems as if there are a LOT of writers who have signed up. I am just a Book Reviewer, but would LOVE to talk BOOKS! That is my LOVE! The Sponsors also put up a call for Photographers! So it sounds like there are a LOT of different Blogs out there that are participating!

This is a great opportunity to discipline yourself, grow as a blogger, and make new friends – come join us! 

Are YOU going to participate? If you would like to, PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK AND DO SO! HOPEFULLY BEFORE MARCH 1st, 2012! That is the goal the Sponsors would like to meet, that BEFORE March 1st they have 1,000 or MORE participants! Here's the LINK:

I hope to see some of my fellow Bloggers there!

There is a really cool article on a Survival Guide at and what I have done already is to post my Alphabet, and started to write down what I want to write about for each corresponding letter. I hope this gives me a good head-start! A lot of people are already starting to write their posts! If you figure there will be 26 Posts, that is a LOT! This is the end of Feburary, we have an entire MONTH before we are to start to post! This gives us a LOT of time to start writing NOW and saving the Posts we want to Post! That sounds good to me! I'll continue to take the next several days and think of the letters of the Alphabet and at least write down what I want to write about for that letter. Once I have gotten as far as I can for that, I WILL start to write Posts NOW, in preparation for the BIG DAY!  I should be AHEAD of the game! We ALL can be by doing it this way! Don't forget that survival kit LINK at the top of this paragraph! It has VERY useful information in it! USE IT!

How am I going to do this? I will be posting a brief Post on my Home Page, giving the link to THIS page for that days Letter! This page will hold ALL the letters of my Posts for the entire Challenge! When this is all over, the alphabet will end up being backwards if you think about it. Hmmm?  I'll have to give that some thought!  Figure out how to do this by keeping the alphabet by A to Z! NOT Z to A!

If you'd like to leave COMMENTS on my Posts,, PLEASE DO SO ON THE HOME PAGE FOR THAT DAY! This page does NOT allow you to post a comment for every new Post.  That's the way Blogger is set up. Thanks for understanding! Here I go - Jumping into something I 've never done before, but REALLY looking forward to doing so! Isn't that what life is all about? Doing things beyond your comfort zone to keep it fresh and exciting! Sounds like SO much fun! I'll get to see how I grow in my blogging, too! FUN!

Now go on over to: to sign up and participate! I am #725! This is HUGE!!! I've NEVER seen anything like this SO big!  If ALL of 'them' can do it, so can "YOU" and I!


  1. I'm now following your blog--how have I missed you before? This post was great. I found it via your tweet. Thank you for the promo. The success of A to Z is due to fine bloggers like you.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  2. I entered too! I'm so excited, it looks like so much fun. Can't wait to see what you post!

  3. Hi Arlee!
    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I tweeted you! I saw this Challenge somewhere and ended up on YOUR Blog! I got most ALL of my info from your Blog, too! Thanks! It sure helped me with my Post! I am trying to help you get to your goal of 1,000 Blogs to sign up before March 1st! Happy I can help! I figured I would be posting this "Blogging From A to Z Challenge 2012" on my Blog anyway, I would advertise your goal as well! I would share all the info with them, too! I know my Readers might be interested in this Challenge, too!! I can't wait TILL THIS ONE STARTS! This one is going to be FUN! I hope a LOT of people decided to give this Challenge a try!
    I hope you got a LOT of replies!
    Thanks for visiting again!
    I am following you on GFC, Twitter and Facebook! If you email me, I'll reply and ALL my methods of contact are listed, as well as being listed HERE on my Blog!
    Looking forward to the Challenge!
    Again, thanks for coming by!
    Take care!

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