Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Megan's Way" by Melissa Foster is FREE at Smashwords before the movie comes out!

"FREE" AT SMASHWORDS in honor of the movie! Get your copy to read FOR FREE! You want to read this before the movie comes out!  The movie is coming out SOON!  Click on the following link:
Let's thank the Author, Melissa Foster!!  THANK YOU!!!  
You can read my review from Thursday, June 30th!


  1. hi Laurie! thank you for sharing the info. i just downloaded my copy. speaking of sharing, have you checked out the book event this week? it's called Menage a Blog and 3 authors per day are giving away free ebooks, etc. you might want to check it out. it's not yet too late to join the fun! here's the link: scroll down the page for links to Days 1 to 3. enjoy! thanks again and have a great weekend! c",)

  2. Wow! Great information, I just downloaded the book. Thanks. Donna

    I posted it to My Life. One Story at a Time. on Face book and I'm tweeting your post.

  3. Thanks for coming by Aobibliophile! You are welcome! This book is TO good to NOT share with everyone! Enjoy it! It's a wonderful book about LIFE and LOVE!
    Thank YOU for the link to the Indie Author Book Giveaways! I am there now checking it out!
    This is one of the GREAT things about blogging and having such wonderful friends! Sharing all the GREAT things available!
    Thank YOU!

  4. Donna!
    Hi there! Thanks for coming by again and the GREAT support and enthusiasm you always have for me and my Blog!
    I am SO glad you got your book! Have you checked out Melissa Foster's other book, Chasing Amanda? It's at Amazon for $2.99. This is another GREAT book by Melissa Foster! This book is about a little girl who goes missing and Molly, the main character, has visions of this little girl, as well as her own daughter to which the very same thing happened years before and all did not end well. Molly calls this "The Knowing". VERY good! Molly actually ends up helping to solve this case. How, I can't tell you!! You'll have to read this one on your own to find out! I will have a formal review posted on my blog during a "Blog Tour" for 'Chasing Amanda' by Melissa Foster on Thursday, August 4th to Sunday, August 7th to 11:59pm! It is during the Summer Giveaway Hop! There will be "1" giveaway of an Ebook! Be SURE to enter!!! for your chance!
    Thanks again for coming by!


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