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Tim Gunn in Conversation with Budd Mishkin by Tim Gunn

REVIEW:  Tim Gunn in Conversation with Budd Mishkin” by Tim Gunn – An Audio Book, 2008

Who doesn’t like Tim Gunn?  Everyone knows Tim Gunn from the television reality show, “Project Runway”, where he is a fashion mentor.  Who has not yet adapted his iconic saying in their life of “Make it work” in their lives?  After hearing Tim Gunn say this, again and again, who cannot help but to adapt this saying into your own lives on a daily basis?
In this book, Tim Gunn talks about his career at the “Parson’s School of Fashion Design” in Manhattan, New York.  Over time, the school finally changed it’s curriculum with thanks to Tim Gunn, and he goes into much detail about this change.  At first he was very worried about the changes needed, but he felt it so important to the success of the school and the students, his concern left.  He felt it vital for the school to change from having the students work as protégé’s to designers, thus hoping to then get jobs with these designers instead of going out on their own to work on ‘their own’ lines of fashion, thus showing clothing manufactures, other designers, and the public, just what the students’, now professionals working at their talents, showing what their strengths are.  Thus, the change for the better is now, “A major ‘WOW’ factor.”
This Audio Book was 1 ½ hours enjoyably long.  Tim Gunn talks about his career, the changes in his career, and the huge success of his career and how much it changed his life after the age of 50, and how shocked he was at that fact.
Now, by teaching the students to go out there on their own and to use their own talents with fashion, color, and the elementary foundations of constructing garments, they have that much more of an opportunity to make their own names for themselves.
“Project Runway” proves Tim’s point.  Each new season we see new Designer’s coming onto the show, proving to the world what they are and are not capable of.  Tim works on the show as a mentor.  Each week the designer’s compete against one another on a different challenge, and one student is sent home.  He goes on to further explain he has nothing to do with what students stay and who leaves, believe it or not.  He, himself, has been shocked at the judges’ decisions.  This show has become a most enjoyable show as we watch these new designers either make it or break it, even if we do or don’t agree, as well.
This was a very enjoyable book to listen to in Tim Gunn’s own voice.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fashion, is a fashion guru, or a fan of Tim Gunn.
Per the books description, Budd Mishkin  is the host of “One on 1 with Budd Mishkin”, a weekly series profiling prominent New Yorkers.
I chose to read this book on my own during the Blog Hop Giveaway, and the review is of my own opinion.  I bought it from Amazon for my Kindle.  It was only 95 cents to purchase it.  Tim has written several books.  If you go to Amazon and type his name in the search bar, many of his books will come up.  I also bought “Shaken, Not Stirred” by Tim Gunn and Adil Dara Kim.  It is a Kindle Single.  I have also done a review on Tim’s book called, “Gunn’s Golden Rules”, by Tim Gunn and Ada Calhoun.  I did that review possibly last December.  It is in my Blog Archive around that time.

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