Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Natural Patchwork: 26 Stylish Projects Inspired by Flowers, Fabric, and Home by Suzuko Koseki

Natural Patchwork, 26 Stylish Projects Inspired by Flowers, Fabrics, and Home by Suzuko Koseki

This book contains 26 beautifully completed quilted projects, with all the instructions and patterns for every project included. In my opinion, the photos of these projects in this book are absolutely gorgeous, as are all the projects. They are set against a background of old fashioned scenery, and are also photographed outdoors in nature’s beauty. The author states these quilted projects were from the time she spent with her Grandmother, that she fondly remembers, and it is as if she is going back in time. She welcomes you to these projects as her ‘Quilt Diary.’
This book was first printed in 2008, and translated into English in 2011. The first part of this book contains photos of the finished projects, and the rest of is the many patterns for all of the projects shown. The only disadvantage to this book, as it is with most ‘all’ pattern books, is you need to use a copy machine to enlarge most of the patterns. You will have to carefully plan your quilted projects out ahead of time before going to the copy machine to make sure you have all the pattern pieces you need to eomplete your project enlarged
These beautiful quilted projects in this book has patterns ranging is from easy to more difficult. The instructions to make all the different patterns are very clear, concise, and detailed, much more so than many other books I have ever come across in this genre. It takes talent to explain ‘how-to-make’ handcrafted items with the ease that this author does. She has really done well with this. You should be aware that some of these instructions are for ‘hand sewing’, however, the author makes mention of this, and does mention that these ‘can’ be done on the sewing machine as well.
This book will be thoroughly enjoyed throughout time. This book is a book to keep in your library and refer to often as you come across different types of quilting you may want to do. This is also a book you will want to keep, if it is used as a future reference tool, or even just to look at over and over again. It is truly a beautiful and enjoyable book.
This book was provided to me by Shambhala Publishers, through NetGalley in exchange for a written review.
Laurie Carlson

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