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Altamont Augie by Richard Barager

“Altamont Augie” a novel by Richard Barager

A lot of people will describe books as must-reads, or “5-Stars”, but honestly, this TRULY is. If you really want to revisit the 1960’s and read such vivid detail, and feel like you are such a part of this story, then this IS ‘the book’ to be on your ‘To Read’ list. I can really see this book being made into an award winning movie.
This author’s talent with writing is unbelievable! The author, Richard Barager hits on every detail of the 1960’s unrest unlike any other I have read. It is told in such detail that you are sucked right in to this story. This page turner makes you want to devour this book. It is full of a little of everything from the 60’s unrest. The story weaves you right into it, and you want to know where the next page will take you. Unfortunately, like all books, it ends. It is truly sad when it is over. You want to stay with these characters. It leaves you wanting more, and it is going to stay with you forever, and when you think back to the 1960’s, ‘this’ is the story that will come to mind first and foremost.
This fiction/just about non-fiction book hits the ‘high’ of the 1960’s unrest like no other; Vietnam, Rock Concerts, ‘The Age of Aquarius’, Women’s Liberation, marijuana/LSD/drugs, free love, War Protests, and more.
This book starts off with a young man, Caleb Levy, who travels to San Francisco seeking Altamont Augie’s past for the 13th Anniversary re-release of a movie called ‘Gimme Shelter’, a true-to-life ‘Rock Documentary’ that profiled the last 10 days of the Rolling Stones 1969 U.S. Tour, as commissioned by his employer. He was at the Altamont Speedway where this free concert took place. He got the ‘feel’ of where history took place and talked to quite a few people who experienced it first hand.
The book then goes into a story of two college lovers; characters Jackie Lundquist and David Noble. A very intricate love story intertwined with the war, protests, and more, getting in the way of these two. It follows the lives of these characters and more of what each of them stands for during these times. As the story goes on we get to know so much about the lives of these characters, the good and the bad. Sometimes we want to shout out to them and say what we think, as we are so wrapped up in this story. The story goes on. We experience all that they did and didn’t do, until the ultimate end of this story taking place at Altamont Augie.
We later learn more . . . this part you will have to read as I am not going to give spoilers. This book is to good to do that.
From the back of the book, Altamont Augie: “Khe Sanh and Altamont: red clay and yellow grass . . . the senseless slaughter of Vietnam and the folly of utopian fantasy . . . a battleground and a rock festival, repositories of my generation’s honor and shame . . . but which resides where?”
Please visit the author’s website: . There is an MP3 playlist of the songs in the order as they appear in the book. There is an EXCELLENT Book Trailer for this book which should not be missed.
About the author: This next paragraph is directly quoted from his website:
Richard Baragaer, M.D. is a Nephrologist in private practice in San Diego’s North County. Dr. Barager, who has twice received a San Diego County Medical Society “Top Doctor” award for distinguished care in his specialty, is a champion of the healing power of literature, and from time-to-time “prescribes” specific novels to receptive patients and families to help them cope with their burden of illness. Please visit the site for more.
In closing this review, I can only hope I have portrayed the quality and integrity of this book to you, the reader. Enjoy!
This book was provided to me for free in exchange for a review by Bostick Communications.
Laurie Carlson


  1. I'm interested in fiction set in the 60's, so this will go on my reading list for sure. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I LOVE comments!!! I am glad you are interested in this book! It was GREAT!!! You will enjoy it VERY much if you are already interested in the 60's! You're welcome for the review!
    PS. I will visit YOU and Follow you, too!! Thanks!!!


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