Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi Everyone!!
I just posted '2' NEW book reviews here on my Book Review site!!!  One is a Children's Book called "Sam, the Grouchy as Usual Bear"  AND
a Young Adult Reader, called "Friends of Choice"!!!
Remember, only "1" post shows at a time!  All you need to scroll down and click on the MONTH you want to read, such as this month is 'January', (today is the LAST day of January!)  Click on it, and it will bring up ALL the Posts!
I don't know about you, but . . .  January FEELS LIKE THE LONGEST MONTH OF THE YEAR!!!!  Even though my birthday is in January, the 6th, it is still soooooooo long!  I am GLAD February is here tomorrow!  It is always a short month!  By about the end of February, I am ready for March!  Then, March is a TOUGH month for me!!  I am SO tired of Winter by then!  April, to me, always brings the HOPE of Spring!  We have a saying in Michigan, the weather changes from minute to minute!  Last year, it SNOWED ON MAY 8th!!!  My Mother, Bless her Heart, it was her Birthday. She was fighting Pancrearic cancer on this birthday.   (She just passed away on 9-27, so it is STILL hard!  I STILL want to call her, or I think to myself, 'I've GOT to tell her about this or that!'  It's been hard.  I think it will always be hard.  It's my Mom.  I miss her dearly!  I will say it again - I feel like I have had a decade, at least, of her life stolen from me.  She was ONLY 66.  Pancreatic Cancer is HORRID!  It truly is a NASTY cancer.  VERY nasty!  ALL cancer's are bad when they are terminal, but, this one seemed to just suck the life out her SOOO fast.  She was a TRUE fighter!  I honstly don't know if "I" could have done what she did. 
*****How do you feel about these months of the year?  January through March/April?   I'd be interested in knowing!  Let me know!
Don't forget to read my 2 NEW book reviews!!!!

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