Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I guess my first post didn't post!
Well, I'll try again!
I haven't posted in a while because this Dry, Michigan Winter Air, drying my skin out so bad, I got a crack in the corner of my eye.  From rubbing it, it got infected, and I have only been able to read and write with '1' eye!  Have you ever tried that?  It is HARD!!!  So, I have been 'out of the loop'.  I want to apologize to anyone and everyone if I didn't get back to you if you left messages for me, but I couldn't really function.  I saw my Opthamologist yesterday, and he said I did a GREAT job of getting the infection OUT!!!  Now I need these new eyedrops they have that are Anti-Inflammatory drops!  Just like Aleeve or other anti-inflammatories, it is for the eye only! YEAH!!!  So I will start to use them today, and see how it goes!  My eye still keeps watering, but, I'm trying! The weeping eyet makes my vision so blurry!  So I am going to try to keep on!!  So, I am back!  I have some reviews to post!  Can't wait to get the posted!  I have since also gotten lots of NEW books to read!  Can't wait to read them!  I am SO glad to be back!  I will be posting reviews starting tomorrow!  I hope you all are taking care of your dry skin, as well!  I am globbing vaseline on my lips.  They cracked, too.  Aw, ol' man Winter!  Hands, too!  Who has NOT gotten attacked by ol' man Winter?  Reviews coming soon!


  1. hi Laurie! i was wondering how you are as i haven't heard from you for quite a while. do take care of yourself. c",)

  2. Hi aobibliophile!
    I had an eye infection and could only read with "1" eye!! Made it REALLY HARD!!! Needless to say, I was REALLY SLOW!!! It is MUCH better now! Still giving me a little trouble, but MUCH better!
    It was GREAT to hear from you!!! I am now on Goodreads, also, and am going to request you as a friend, there, too!
    I have your reviews to read yet! Now that I can SEE better!! LOL!


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