Monday, December 27, 2010

A Rebird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Rebird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

Wow!  What a nice retreat from the regular books I am used to reading!  Here is my review for this nice Christmas book!  The nice thing about reading books about the holidays is they are very different than our daily 'run of the mill' books we read.  The difference is they always point out the good in things all the time.  This is what I call an 'escape'. 
A Redbird Christmas, by Fannie Flagg, has her humor and a very good storyline, as usual.  Fannie Flagg has a knack for humor in her books, which I love this trait in her!
There is a little surprise in this book, and it is a little girl.  We started out with the main character who moves down to Alabama for his health to get better.  Then we are introduced to practically the whole town!  ALL nice people, and SO different than - should I say 'Chicogians'?  The busy busy, non-stop lifestyle that never ends!  Big city, lots of people, always on the go, etc.  Down south in Alabama it is a much slower and seems to be a simpler way of life, where people 'do' take time to smell the roses!  As Oswald, our main character settles into this wonderful town, (and wait till you read 'how' he gets to Alabama!),  we are introduced to a little girl named Patsy.  Poor little Patsy.  She seems to be a vegabond, but does disappear at nightime, so she must have a home?  One of the neighbors takes her in, cleans her up, and FEEDS her!  Then, unbelievable, the little girl's own mother came and asked if the couple who took her in could keep her!  They do.  Thank the Lord!  Now Patsy will have a chance at life.  She is all crippled up, and will need medical attention.  The rest of the story unfolds beautifully with Patsy making a friend named Jack.  Jack is a Cardinal.  A little'red'  bird who lives in the local store!  Yes!  A bird! 
You'll have to read the rest, and the parts I left out, to enjoy this book fully.  It is a very nice escape from our normal reading, and a joy to read for the  holiday season!

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