Tuesday, December 7, 2010



and, you ARE here!!!


  1. hi Laurie! thanks for letting us know. i thought i lost you. you see, i've awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award last November 30 and i didn't know if you got my message or something went wrong. i'm glad you're back. you may check out your award here:


  2. aobibliophile™,
    Hi! Any way that you know how I can put the Versatile Blogger Award on my Review Blog here? I'd love to learn how to use those. Where do you go to get the awards?
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Mine was 'okay'. I had 2 teenagers WITH attitude here! UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, at times I thought I would SCREAM!!!! LOLOLOL!!! LOL is today, NOT yesterday!!!!
    I think this is kind of funny: On my other blog where I just talk about books, I wrote I got a new book, which I did, and it is called "I am Not a Serial Killer", by Dan Wells. I thought I would choose that book to read while they are here. You should have seen my daughter's face when she saw the book!!!! It was priceless!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!! It was only a joke - but was priceless! Not trying to be mean, but . . . I did get rid of the teenage attitude for about 10 seconds! She is 17, now I have a 13 year old son, as well, and his WHINING won't stop!!!!!! He wants to go to the mall to day and keeps jumping on his sister while she is still sleeping. It is noon. She's getting mad - she says she won't take him - he's whining MORE, but I don't have a book to shut him up for 10 seconds!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Oh my, what to do?????????
    Teenagers: You can't make them happy, but no matter what you do, you sure can make them whine!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
    Calgon - take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When they go to the mall - bath time for Mom!!!!!! Bubble bath!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I will probably end up having '1' hour and they'll be back, fighting and whining to me! Mom, he did this, Mom, he did that! Mom, he embarrassed me!!! Well, she wouldn't . . . bla, bla, bla!! I started writing this when? It is STILL going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except now it is getting physical, and I better go!!!! FAST!!!!!
    PS. I wish I had a picture or some kind photo with a woman whose hair is standing up on end, ALL wiry, and crazyt looking!!! "That" would describe me today!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

  3. They are back and HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess when you go to the mall and find good deals like they did, it makes you happy!!!!
    Thank you, Lord!
    Everyone, I will have a GREAT day now!
    Or, then again, it's starting again! OH NO!!!!!! Help me!


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