Monday, December 19, 2016

#Book #Review The Story People, a novel, by Heather Kaufman


“[A] winsome main narrative . . . full of misunderstandings, high jinks, and lonely people who find one another despite the many obstacles that stand in the way.”

—Publishers Weekly

Bookstore owner Benjamin Palermo is ready to turn the page to the next chapter of his life, and every lady in town is eager to help by finding him a suitable wife! The subtle humor and gentle inspiration of The Story People will encourage readers to savor life's little snippets of joy.

3 Stars!!
This book is a Christian Fiction book, as there is a lot of prayer in it, the characters asking for things to go their way. This is not in the description and took me by surprise when they just started praying. I usually do not review Christian Fiction, so this was a surprise for me. It was not anything I couldn’t live through, but I would have liked to have known.
Yes, Benjamin Palermo is the owner of the local bookstore. Ben inherited it from his uncle, the same place he used to go to when he was a little boy and play with a little girl named Rosie. Ben barely remembers that time in his life, but as he goes through some momentos, those memories do come back. He remembers The Story People, people who eat the stories out of the books at night! He and Rosie used to talk about them a lot, and Rosie drew pictures of them for Ben.
Back in everyday life, Ben is “the bachelor” that everyone wants to marry off! This gets pretty severe for the guy! He has not been able to choose his own dates as the women of the town seem to fix him up! That is until one day when a woman named Rosemary walks into the shop! He likes her!
Fast forward - he decides he wants to sell the bookstore. STOP! Not according to the little old ladies who live there! He WILL keep the bookstore! Oh, they devised a plan to jinx his selling the store! It was hilarious! It’s worth it to read this book just for that!
With the old ladies exposed, now Ben works on Rosemary and charming her! Everything backfires on him!
This is a fun book that will put a little smile on your face as you read it! It’s entertaining, the old ladies are nosey, and things work out the way they are supposed to, whether Ben wants them to or not!! This book is a nice change of pace as long as you don’t mind prayer being in your books.
One of the best parts of this book were about The Story People, and how they fit into the bookstore and the book. You’ll enjoy that very much. At the end of every chapter there was a small section written about The Story People. It’s worth reading this book for that part alone!! Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, Concordia, for free to read and write a review of my own opinion.

ebook: $  9.99
print:   $12.99

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