Friday, September 30, 2016

#REVIEW - Sewn with Joy, The Pinecraft Pie Shop #3 by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

Nothing makes Joy Miller happier than sewing. And nothing makes Matthew Slagel, the bishop's son, happier than spending time with Joy.

With the rising popularity of the Me, Myself, and Pie shop run by Joy's eldest sister, Lovina, comes an increasing demand for souvenirs like aprons and dishtowels. Joy's handiwork soon catches the attention of a television crew preparing to film a new Amish TV series. While she is initially hired to sew the costumes, she finds herself becoming a consultant and fill-in for the main actress.

The bishop does not approve of Joy's involvement with the show—or his son's involvement with Joy. When he asks Matthew to stop seeing Joy, Matthew must make a decision—pursue happiness or follow the rules—unless he can find a way to reconcile those two sides of his faith.

When mounting tension threatens to rip the entire community apart, can an unexpected development stitch them back together?

Inspiration, romance, and creativity abound in Sewn with Joy, the third and final installment in The Pinecraft Pie Shop series.

5 STARS!!!
This is book three in the Amish Pinecraft Pie Shop series of books, and in this book Joy is courting Matthew Slagel, son of the Bishop. She secretly hopes she will be the next to get married as currently she is helping to make the wedding dresses for two of her sisters. Joy craves to be the housewife and eventual mother to her and hopefully Matthew’s children one day. For right now she is content with their courtship and dreaming about their wedding.
Next thing Joy knows is a truck pulls up and a television crew gets out. A Reality TV show is going to be filmed. The Bishop of the Amish community is against the filming of this TV show. This also brings trouble for her and Matthew. Joy feels pulled in the direction of what the Bishop has called for, for NO interaction with the television crew, but she also feels pulled to the television crew to help them understand about their lives, why they follow God, and why it is important to them that they live the way they do.
This novel is by far one of the deepest novels Tricia Goyer has written to date. It really digs into the nitty gritty of what is important in the Amish lifestyle and religion and all of those who are affected by this television crew. In a way it is a good thing the television crew did show up because it causes a lot of thinking by a lot of people, and they really start to think about exactly what God would want of them. This book is the most religious of all the books I have read by her as well.
I did not read the first two books of this series, but I can imagine they would be just as wonderful as this book turned out to be. You also get some major bonuses in this book! Amish recipes!! We ALL love Amish food, so now we get to cook/bake some!! There is so much you can get out of this book! I highly recommend it especially for those of you who love reading about the Amish! Enjoy!!!
I received this book for FREE from the Publisher, Harvest House, and NetGalley, in exchange that I enjoy the sheer pleasure of reading this book, and then to write a review about my honest opinion of this book regardless if it is positive or negative. "Free" means I was provided with ZERO MONIES to do read and write a review about this book. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the law set here:
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ebook: $8.13
print:   $8.56

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