Friday, November 13, 2015

Stacking the Shelves #13! WOW!!! It's time to be CREATIVE!!! Let those juices flow!

                            Thanks to our Host, Tynga's Reviews

Wow!!! I am SO lucky this week!!! I couldn’t believe my EYES when I opened two envelopes!! I DIED!!! Well, I didn’t REALLY die, die, because I am HERE, NOW, TALKING TO YOU! LOL!!! However, what I saw in my hands, two books in that first super-duper heavy envelope, SO heavy that even the envelope was extra heavy grade paper, were two BEAUTIFUL BOOKS I had been eyeing at Amazon for some time! They were COLORING BOOKS, BUT FOR ADULTS!!! GORGEOUS BOOKS!! TRULY GORGEOUS!
I used to be SO creative before this neurological muscle disease hit me, and now since this hit me, I have not been able to do so MANY of the things I used to do, for instance, play with my rubber stamps. BUMMER!!! I also crochet, and I have this GORGEOUS afghan started for my daughter, but when my son was over a weekend AGES ago, the pattern accidentally disappeared. UGH!!! I have STILL not found them, but then again that back bedroom where EVERYTHING goes, especially after my mom passed away, has been just that; a dumping ground. I haven’t been able to go IN the room, let alone to go through the BOXES AND BOXES that my Dad thoughtfully and lovingly brought over. (Don’t get me wrong!! It is NOT like those rooms you see on those TV hoarding shows! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!! FARRRRR from it!!!) I just can’t MAKE myself go through the memories even now, 5 YEARS AFTER THE FACT!
I DID recently go into the room and I got my colored pencils out! Exciting!!! I found my clipboard of some Mandalas I printed off the computer, and I wanted to color them! Yes! I felt creative! I colored some, but I needed NEW ones. I looked on Amazon, found a few coloring BOOKS, and put them in my Wishlist!
Lo and behold! I SWEAR these books are FROM MY WISHLIST! They ARE for review!!! EXCITING!!!! I have sharpened all my pencils, and am ordering two pens from Amazon. One silver and one gold marker to REALLY give it some shine! I am also considering some gel pens, too! Those are always hard to find really good flowing pens, so I’ll hold back because I found a few in my pencils!
Why coloring? I had a girlfriend who was in therapy for a while, and that therapist suggested she try some coloring as it could help reduce her anxiety levels. I thought how GENIUS! (I DO remember reading about that somewhere, and it truly helped her. Something to keep in mind for all of you in case you come across some times in your lives when something like this could really help you.) 
Well, as MUCH as I LOVE being creative and was missing it TERRIBLY, that IS something I can do while sitting here in my recliner! BINGO!!! THAT IS SOMETHING I CAN DO!!! Not ONLY are these coloring books, but they DO have a story that goes along with the titles of the books! I did read some it, and they are VERY nice! VERY enjoyable!! A LOVELY place to get lost in! So now I get to have all my pillows here for support here in my recliner, I'm nice and comfy, and ready to go, and WA, LA! I’m being creative with coloring and reading the story! It cannot get ANY better than this!!!
These books are BEAUTIFUL!!! When I am done with some of the pages I have colored, I will copy them in my printer and post them HERE in the book’s reviews!
A few days later, I get ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK!!! I’m on my way to drawing amazing “doodletopia  CARTOONS!” I’ll show you all the book here, and in the review, I will show you a page of how well I drew cartoons! I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!! These books are TRULY FUN, CREATIVE, AND AMAZING!!! Keep these in mind for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, TOO! Buy them, grab a package of just the Crayola pencils and a hand-held sharpener, and the person you bought these for will be AMAZED!!
Here are the books, copies of the covers from Goodreads! I’ll have a thorough review once I complete some colored pages and cartoons drawn!


First, here is the "doodletopia Cartoons, Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Fun Cartoon Creations" by Christopher Hart
This book just puts a SMILE ON YOUR FACE JUST FROM LOOKING AT IT!!! :) The HUGE question - CAN SHE DRAW??? LOLOLOL!!!! We'll see! Watch, it will take me a YEAR to do this review because I'll be SO into getting this drawing PERFECT!!! JUST KIDDING!!! I will try ANYTHING! Especially if it looks like fun, and THIS LOOKS LIKE SOOOOO MUCH FUN! I'M OFF TO TRY THIS ONE!!!
Now, for the next two!

The next two books are BEGGING TO BE COLORED!!! Aren't they GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!

"the time garden, a magical journey and coloring book" by Daria Song

"the time chamber, A magical journey and coloring book" by Daria Song

"the time chamber, A magical story and coloring book" by Daria Song

Thanks for stopping by this week, my CREATIVE week! I'm LOVING it, too! You KNOW I am!!! 
Now take some time for YOURSELF, and go color and read a book at the SAME time! See, they ARE ALSO A BOOK THAT HAS A STORY, so you can't feel guilty for NOT reading!
The BEST to you! 
See you next week!


  1. Coloring Books are awesome. They really help with the stress. I got a coloring book for review as well this week. It looks like your coloring books will be fun. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    1. Wow! Grace, this must be the time to get a little creative juices going, huh?! I LOVE these! I was playing with the cartoon book tonight and REALLY surprised myself at how well I could finish 1/2 the face and upper body of a woman! He, he! This is FUN! I'll have to come over to your house and see what coloring books YOU got! Thanks for coming by!
      See you in a few!

    2. Hi Grace!
      I went over to your website, and it IS a store website! It's beautiful with very beautiful things on it ALL bookish to purchase! Wow! Impressive! LOTS of nice things that can be given as gifts, or to buy something pretty special for ourselves!
      I came back HERE to leave you another message because I did not see that there was another way to contact you. Thanks again for coming by here, and too bad I couldn't leave a message at your place!
      HOPE to see you next week again!
      Take care!

  2. Nice haul, I hope you enjoy your books!

    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

    1. Hi Diane!
      YES!!! I sure DO AGREE I had a beautiful haul this week!I feel like I hit the JACKPOT!!! I feel SO gracious to get such nice books ALL the time! I TRULY am!
      Opening these packages - WOW!!! As I opened the envelopes with the coloring books in them, I just about DIED! I had checked those out before, and I wondered HOW did they know? My Wishlist!! (I think, but I'm pretty sure and I'm SO GLAD I made one!!!) These coloring books ARE gorgeous like I said they were!
      I can't wait to see YOUR haul next! Here I come on over!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I haven't been coloring as of late but those books are awesome! Happy coloring/doodling!

    Tsuki’s STS

    1. Hi Tsuki!
      Thanks for stopping by! Yes! Those coloring books are SO beautiful, aren't they! There are even MORE of them, too! I saw them at Goodreads! MORE beauty to color!
      The cartoon book is pure FUN to do! I always wondered how they drew those, and this IS the perfect book to teach us how! I've tried a few, and it IS fun, fun, fun!!! I'll copy what I drew and try to show them next week!
      Now, to come visit you!

  4. thats awesome, I can see why the coloring books are becoming so popular

    1. Hi Lily!
      Thanks for stopping by! The detail in the pictures is amazing! I will be doing the review this upcoming week of Thanksgiving! I'll be doing each book individually! I'm going to try to get an up close photo!! "Try" is the operative word, though. Printer problems since we updated to Windows 10. Ugh!
      Thanks again!

  5. Wow, so much going on! I love the look of The Time Garden. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a lovely week, Laurie.:)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. I got sample pages of the Daria coloring books. They are so cute and whimsical. Happy coloring!


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