Monday, July 27, 2015

Soap Crafting - Step-by-Step Techniques for Making 31 Unique Cold-Process Soaps by Anne-Marie Faiola


The Soap Queen, Anne-Marie Faiola, shows you how to make perfect cold-process soap that is better than what you can buy at the store! Simple instructions and great photography walk you through every step of 31 exciting recipes, making it easy to master the techniques you need and produce the soaps you want. You'll find chapters on colors (neon, oxides, mica), molds (milk jugs, yogurt containers, pipes), food (pumpkin, coffee, beer, avocado, oatmeal), and building (embedding soap in soap, funnel pour, swirling). Faiola offers everything you need to make your own soap, safely and enjoyably!

My Take:
5 Stars!
This book spiral-bound book is FULL of gorgeous, colorful soaps YOU can make all on your own with these very descriptive instructions this author has included in this book for us! Don’t worry! The author has made these step-by-step directions so easy to follow!
These hand-crafted soaps are SO beautiful, and shortly now, YOU can be making them, and showing them off! Or, maybe you could even give them as gifts, too! You are going to have people oooh'ing, and ahhh'ing you over the beauty of these bars of soap! They people are going to be trying to friend you from everywhere once they see these gorgeously hand-crafted, colorful and beautifully creative, each one an original soap you hand-crafted because they are going to want them, and want them bad! They are either going to want them as a gift from you or to make it with you! The people who see these divine soaps will be falling in love with their beauty and want some for themselves, too! As holidays approach, they are going to be wondering if they might receive these as a gifts, or I even thought this might be a fun reason to get together and make new friends while making these together! This soap truly is beautiful to have, and are one of the PERFECT gifts to give! I’m positive people who have seen these have fallen in love with these soaps. How could you not fall in love with these? Look at their beauty of just the soaps on the cover alone on this book!
One word of caution. If you have children, making these soaps would surely appeal to them, but it is not recommended children help you make this soap because it is made with lye. Lye can burn your skin quite seriously and cause some extreme health problems if not worked with properly, so perhaps this is one craft that might be best left to the adults, and to have the kids spend the night elsewhere for their own safety so they don't want to get their hands into helping you make it. It would also be easier for you not to hear them begging to do it, too! (I was a Mom, once!) 
With that being said, I would also suggest purchasing this book in the PRINT version, as it comes in a spiral-bound version, which is excellent! Your recipe will be able to stand right up requiring you not to have to use your hands! The ease of making these recipes using the spiral-bound version makes things so much simpler all around. (I happen to be reviewing this as an ebook from NetGalley) so given the fact you are working with lye, it only makes sense to purchase the spiral-bound book. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing the actual print book and NOT the ebook. The problem with the ebook is (at least my Kindle does this, as well as my computer), the screen eventually shuts down to preserve it’s energy; i.e., the battery. You don’t want to be in the middle of doing your recipe, needing the next part, but you can’t get it with your hands because your ereader or tablet has shut down and you don't have an extra hand at the moment. Sometimes different books just require to be a certain kind, and for the ease and safety of working with the lye this book calls for, this is why I suggest purchasing the spiral-bound copy over the electronic version. Not every book is a good fit for being an ebook. For review purposes on my end, it’s fine because I am just reviewing this book, and I'm not making the recipes from this book. See what I mean?
The other thing you need to know is this is not something you can just decide to make at the last minute and do it in a split second, like most crafts are done. This craft requires you to plan ahead and get your supplies. Most likely, you might need to order your supplies from the internet, unless you have an amazing store near you which caters to this craft, but I don’t think there are many stores around like this, but every now and then you’ll be surprised and you WILL find them!! (This part is not in the book, but I always state this - do not discredit your local hardware store! Yes! A lot of the time they just might carry ingredients like these, so just ask! You may be very happily surprised!)
Once you have your equipment, you are now ready to make your own, beautiful, one of a kind, cold-pressed soaps! It is SO simple and FUN to do, especially watching how the colors end up swirling together! You’ll have your own designer soaps in your own bathroom to show off to any visitors, relatives, and friends! You can even give these as gifts, too! You will end up being the most envied friend to have, and have very special gifts to give those very special people in your life!
Enjoy making these! These are truly FUN to make!
I want to thank Storey Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this ebook!  

ebook: $ 9.99
print:  $15.55 - I "much" prefer suggesting to purchase the spiral-bound edition over the ebook for the ease of the user. The Kindle edition will end up falling asleep on you while you are making this recipe, and you will be working with 'lye' as an ingredient in this recipe which is a "very" caustic chemical and can cause side effects that are generally not wanted medically. This is just my opinion knowing what can happen from using lye and I do not want to see anything bad happen to anyone for safety's sake in the event you need to turn your device back on from it's nap. Safety first!! Thanks and have fun!!

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