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#REVIEW - Spring 2015 Debut Fiction Sampler from Penguin Random House Library Marketing by Penguin Random House Samplers

My Take:
5 Stars!
This book is an EXCELLENT book for the general public in addition to Reviewers because you get to read a few chapters out of all the books that are in this book! You get a LOT more than what you would get at Amazon or any other place, so it's very worth your time to read! You can plan ahead this way, too, for your summer reading!
I LOVE these sampler books, especially the DEBUT authors! This book gives us a variety of new books that may have already been released, books that will be releasing within a few weeks or months time, and the ability to request books for review. We get the opportunity to read a few chapters from them, and some of them even offer more than just a few chapters, in fact, one had six! All of the books are New Releases coming out within the current season, this being Spring! 
This book happens to be "debut" books, and some of them are already on my "To Be Read" list! I always find the BEST books in these book's pages because they will give us a great assortment of books that are coming out, and we also get a great opportunity to read many chapters from the books, too. I LOVE that part! This allows us to know if the book will be a good fit for us rather than going into a book blindly. We get the opportunity to see if we really like the books and if we want to buy them or not, and then for Reviewers, some of these books are available for review, too! 
This particular book got me a little confused as to how to request the books for review. All publishers who offer books like these to try out have different ways of offering Reviewers opportunities to request them, and that is what I missed with this book. 
I am more used to some of the publishers who provide a widget inside their books for reviewers to click on and request to review the books directly 'from the book itself', but it does not work that way with this book. To request books from this book you must go to NetGalley and either do a 'search', or go to your Shelf, go to this book, read through the Description, and click on the books under 'Links'. This publisher does not allow a lot of books to be requested like some of the others do, but I'll take getting to read a little bit about each book any day! 
It takes a little longer that way, and was a little confusing to me at first, and I ended up requesting some books accidentally! I don't even know what they were! Ooops! That's okay, though. Lately there has not been ONE book I have not enjoyed, so if I do get the books, I will be more than happy to review them! (As long as they are not about war and killing! LOL!!! No! None of them are unless I missed one!) You can see at the bottom of this post there are 5 books in orange that are still available to request for Reviewers, so most of the books have already been requested, and/or are released. I think I found this book a little later than what I usually do.
What I didn't like about this book is there was not a Table of Contents in the book itself. If you were out and about, and felt like reading a certain few chapters of one of the books, you better have bookmarked it! This is ONLY available as an ebook, so you are completely blind as to what is in the book without that Table of Contents.
I did end up getting tired of flipping through the pages every now and then, but I could have bookmarked the page, but if you don't Bookmark that page you wanted, you're out of luck! It looks like there should be a Table of Contents because it is listed, but the black coloring is a very light black, so it's not available and you can't click on it. Hopefully the next time they do this they will ADD a Table of Contents.
Despite the fact that the books have already been released is fine! If you liked the chapters you've read in a book, you can now go on over to wherever you like to buy your books and purchase the books there! You are guaranteed to get it that way, too!
Many different publishers have books all similar like this one, and they ALL work differently. These happen to be some of my favorite books! I find new authors from them quite a bit! Enjoy! Here is the publisher's description:

The Penguin Random House Library Marketing Spring 2015 Debut Fiction Sampler is filled with fresh new voices that will appeal to all types of readers—from literary fiction devotees to coming-of-age fans to thriller fanatics and more.
Be among the first to discover this spring’s hot new authors! This is a great resource for building your personal TBR pile, but also makes a perfect Readers’ Advisory tool.
Table of Contents (scroll down this page to Links to request each full book on NetGalley)
The Silver Swan by Elena Delbanco (Other Press, May 2015)
The Ghost Network: A Novel by Catie Disabato (Melville House, May 2015)
House of Echoes: A Novel by Brendan Duffy (Ballantine Books, April 2015)
Hausfrau: A Novel by Jill Alexander Essbaum (Random House, March 2015)
Muse: A Novel by Jonathan Galassi (Knopf, June 2015)
The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins (Crown, June 2015) 
The Star Side of Bird Hill: A Novel by Naomi Jackson (Penguin Press, June 2015)
Bradstreet Gate: A Novel by Robin Kirman (Crown, July 2015)

***The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins
Muse by Jonathan Galassi
Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum
House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy
The Silver Swan by Elena Delbanco

I received this book from the publisher, Penguin and Random House through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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