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Books I'm Grateful I've Read Giveaway Hop! Nov 1 to Nov 14th!

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This Hop takes place from November 1st to November 14th!


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A book I am very grateful I've read is Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain. ANY of her books are AMAZINGLY written! This book touched me very personally, and I would like to share it with you!

Bestselling author Diane Chamberlain delivers a breakout book about a small southern town fifty years ago, and the darkest—and most hopeful—places in the human heart

After losing her parents, fifteen-year-old Ivy Hart is left to care for her grandmother, older sister and nephew as tenants on a small tobacco farm.  As she struggles with her grandmother’s aging, her sister’s mental illness and her own epilepsy, she realizes they might need more than she can give.

When Jane Forrester takes a position as Grace County’s newest social worker, she doesn’t realize just how much her help is needed.  She quickly becomes emotionally invested in her clients' lives, causing tension with her boss and her new husband.  But as Jane is drawn in by the Hart women, she begins to discover the secrets of the small farm—secrets much darker than she would have guessed.  Soon, she must decide whether to take drastic action to help them, or risk losing the battle against everything she believes is wrong.

Set in rural Grace County, North Carolina in a time of state-mandated sterilizations and racial tension, Necessary Lies tells the story of these two young women, seemingly worlds apart, but both haunted by tragedy.  Jane and Ivy are thrown together and must ask themselves: how can you know what you believe is right, when everyone is telling you it’s wrong?

Employing accessible characters and compelling language, Chamberlain deeply mines the appalling, little-known history of North Carolina’s Eugenics Sterilization Program, in effect from 1929 to 1975. As worker-tenants on a tobacco farm in 1960, 15-year-old Ivy Hart lives with her faltering, temperamental grandmother, mentally slow yet breathtakingly beautiful 17-year-old sister, young nephew “Baby” William, and her own epilepsy. Jane Forrester, an idealistic social worker, whose status-conscious doctor-husband isn’t convinced his wife should hold a job, feels smothered by the social niceties of the early ’60s South and starts to question the boundaries and mutual respect in her own marriage. When Jane becomes Ivy’s family’s social worker, she encounters the state program that seeks to sterilize “mental defectives,” among others with supposedly undesirable characteristics. Through every choice she makes from then on, Jane triggers an inescapable series of events that thrusts everything either she or Ivy ever held to be true into a harsh light, binding them together in ways they do not immediately comprehend or appreciate. Absorbing and haunting, this should strongly touch Chamberlain’s fans and draw those who enjoy Jodi Picoult and Barbara Delinsky. 
HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Chamberlain is the best-selling author of 21 novels, and her latest will have a 150,000-copy first printing and be supported by a major marketing campaign. --Julie Trevelyan

You can read my review about this book HERE!
(You might even want to check YOUR state's Eugenic Board and see if they still practice this. My state of Michigan still practiced this up until 1983. SAD!)

I DARE you not to fall in love with this author! I read every new release, and am working on reading her previous books, too! I have 20 of her books to read as she just released a NEW book called, "The Silent Sister". You can read that review HERE! She writes about every subject you can possibly think of! I LOVE this author! You can find her on FACEBOOK at Diane Chamberlain's Readers Page She is VERY interactive with her Readers! Enjoy!

There is a Novella you can purchase to see if you would like this book for only 99cents, and that is the book that hooked me into reading THIS book! It is called "The First Lie". It's well-worth reading! It'll shock you! It's a very shocking read! You'll know what they are talking about, but the characters don't have a clue. You may even shed a tear or two!


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  1. Great choice! I'm not going to enter since I already own a copy, but someone will be getting a great read!

  2. Thanks so much for this hop! After seeing that brilliant review of her other book I definitely want to read this one as well, so I hope I am in a chance of winning :D


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