Friday, April 18, 2014

UPDATE - My computer is FIXED! The Geek Squad is AMAZING!

UPDATE:  My computer is fixed!

I am back up and running as normal! ALL thanks to the Geek Squad! Gotta LOVE them! I have always sung their praises, and continue to do so!


So what was the problem?

On Saturday as I was I posting my weekly NYTimes Best Sellers article, my computer was slowing down until it eventually DIED!
It kind of came in handy as I had to update my computer, so IT decided to update on it's own, but not in a good way. The culprit, or so I thought, was Windows 8.1. 
Turns out the REAL culprit was: The Weather Channel, and an ASK Toolbar that snuck into so many places! Places I never even had a CLUE it found a home at! Watch out when you download the UPDATES FOR ADOBE FLASH (and other Adobe products)! There is a little box there, generally to the left that is so EASY TO MISS! UNCHECK that box! Sometimes Adobe goes so fast, you don't even see it! You do NOT WANT the "Ask Toolbar"! It kills your computer!
Now, as of today, Thursday, April 17th, I am back UP AND RUNNING!
I have the Geek Squad I buy EVERY year! They are AWESOME! Well worth the money - they can get into your computer and fix EVERYTHING! You don't have to do a thing - not even leave your house! They do it on the phone! The cost is VERY affordable for ALL that you get, too! Check them out if in the past they were too expensive, I think the price has come down a lot! I think in the beginning there is a $99 set-up fee. That was okay with me. I paid that when I bought this new computer. Every year after that you do NOT have to pay that.
Well, the Geek Squad SAVED ME!! I have my Google Chrome back!! My blog is back, and everything is working again!!
(I was using my husband's computer, but that was touchy and didn't have the 'touch keyboard' which I missed! I had to redo ALL my passwords, etc! What a nightmare!) Plus, I didn't have HALF of what I needed!
With that behind me, now I'm set to go!
You know what the BEST part about this entire experience was? Getting to talk to a HUMAN! Yes! Not just a computer, but a human!

To humans!!!
Thanks everyone!

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