Thursday, November 14, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! Here are the 5 Winners of "Finding It" by Cora Carmack!

On sale for $1.99! I don't know for how long, so RUN! Grab your copy now!!!

A HUGE Thank YOU to ALL of you who entered the Flash Giveaway I ran from Monday at 9:00pm to Wednesday at 9:00pm this week! 2 days run on the blog here, on Facebook and this blog's Facebook page, but most of all, Twitter! It was a fast and furious giveaway!
I honestly thank you ALL who came by the blog and entered! We had a total of 14 people who entered! To see all the entries, click here then click on Comments. Right now it looks like there are ZERO comments, but once you click on Comments, it opens ALL of them up! (The Comments might disappear once I switch it over back to showing only on the blog, as that is what Blogger says.)
Right now I have it set up so it shows all Comments and connects to Google+. I'll be changing this as I'm not quite happy with this. I like to see the comments on the blog without having to click on Comments. I think that may have put people off from entering, too.
For those of you who DID enter, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS! 5 of you won "Finding It" by Cora Carmack!
A HUGE thank you and "Congratulations" go to:

1. Mandy R
2. Dana C
3. Eliane P
4. Margarita H
5. Amanda T

Also, Amanda T won the surprise copy of "Keeping Her" by Cora Carmack!

Hope to see you ALL enter again when there is another Flash Giveaway! I had a LOT of fun doing this!

TOMORROW - FRIDAY - The Gratitude Giveaway Hop STARTS! November 11th to November 30th! Wow! That's a LOT of days to enter, including the Thanksgiving holiday! I'm excited to be giving the book away that I am! I think you'll all LOVE it, but, you have to come back on Friday! (Or Thursday after 9:00pm to enter!)

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