Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: "INTERNET ESSENTIALS" Do YOU have a child who qualifies for the National School Lunch Program?

Do YOU have a child who qualifies for the National School Lunch Program?
Watch these videos! Read what I wrote! GO to the website and learn more!
This could benefit YOU!
Pass this information on to your friends and family! Let's STOP ILLITERACY AND MOVE YOU INTO THE AGE OF BROADBAND! Enjoy!

I saw this advertised on TV, and you may have, too! It's called Internet Essentials - the link is down below, and it caught my interest because it said you can get internet access for only $9.95, so I looked it up online.
This is a Government program sponsored by Comcast! I feel I 'NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE'! I did not know about this program, and MANY OF YOU MAY NOT KNOW about it, either. I encourage you to look into this program MORE because it can help you and your children get ahead in life, and maybe even learn more than what was intended! This is also designed for Adults, too! The way I look at it, no one loses with this program!

First, let me make CLEAR, "I MAKE ZERO MONIES" for bringing you this information. I am only informing you about this GREAT program that is now in it's 2nd year! Wow! That is, however, 'if you qualify'. You must have a child who qualifies for the National School Lunch Program (free or discounted lunches). If you do, THEN you may qualify to get Internet Service IN YOUR HOUSE for only $9.95/month, AND be able to acquire a COMPUTER for as LOW as $149.99 with FREE Internet Training! More details can be found at!

But first, please watch this video! It has MORE information, and just put the bug in you to check it out further! I hope this works out to the BEST it can be for you!

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