Friday, June 22, 2012

The Literary Blog Hop June 23rd to June 27th!

I would like to thank Leeswammes Blog for sponsoring this Blog Hop! Thank You!

Here we are, another year of "The Literary Blog Hop"! June 23rd to June 27th!
I'm SO glad you could come! I LOVE this Hop! No Vampires, werewolves, etc! I've had my fill of those! I look forward to actually participating in this Hop every year! There are some AWESOME books in this hop! I LOVE it!

This year I'm SO excited to be giving away a book that STILL haunts me to this day! No, it's NOT SCARY! It's a Psychological Thriller that has been crafted SO expertly! It has been on the NYT Best Seller list for WEEKS, since it's release on January 31st! What is this book?

"Defending Jacob" by William Landay

Wow! What a book! I can't wait to see what awards it will win! It was released January 31st, 2012, and I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book! I'm SO glad I did! As a matter of fact, I think I won it from Goodreads! Yes! It is my FAVORITE book of 2012, so far! There is SO much to it, and when you are done reading it, you keep on thinking about it! I still think about it today, too! William Landay crafted a marvelous book that really gets you thinking WELL AFTER the book is done! It hit the Best Seller list immediately, and did not fall off until about 2 weeks ago! What a book! 

Okay! So, YOU want to WIN this book, don't you? Okay! I am going to give you a LINK here: to go to to fill out a form to enter! OR, you can just click on the GIVEAWAY TAB UP ABOVE!

Thanks for stopping by! The next page will have ALL the other Blogs that are participating in this Hop! Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!! See you on the next page! 

If you would like to read MY review of this book, you can do so by clicking on THIS LINK: Enjoy! See you on the next page!


  1. Not eligible, but just popping by to wish you well.

    Gary Snyder starts singing -Inuo Taguchi

    When you suddenly started singing in the middle of your poetry reading
    we were caught off guard.
    It was as though, when we had crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and turned left,
    suddenly we had seen the pampas spread out before us,
    when actually we should have seen Wall Street.

    The domestic poultry that are supposedly unable to fly in our country,
    in the garden of your stanzas, begin ably flying about.
    They sail across the planet’s sky in V-formation like wild geese,
    as if to say, “We are completely fed up with strolling around
    on the Gutenberg runway. From now on we are going to be free,
    so please look after yourselves in future.”

    When you sang, you yourself became a song.
    With your feet rooted in the earth,
    your body began to float off into air.
    We, left behind, recalled the familiar old maxim,
    ‘A miracle is reality laid bare.’

    But as you sing, you are whispering:
    “My tongue which has been up to a lot of vulgar things
    is also capable of such elegant things”.

    1. Hi Parrish Lantern!
      Thanks for coming by AND WITH A SONG! Wow! I've never had anyone quote verse from a song before! How neat!
      I sure could use the last 2 lines and change the "My" to "Your" for my daughter! LOL! In her late teens, you know!
      Thanks for coming by and wish you a GREAT Sunday! I always post the Top 15 NYT Best Seller list each Sunday by noon, so if you would like to come on back and check it out, you ARE invited! It's always fun to see what books are where and the NEWcomers, too!
      Again, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope all my Readers come by and read what you wrote! You are SO thoughtful!
      Thanks again!

  2. No need to be entered, but just wanted to say GREAT book!

    1. Hello bybookorbycrook!
      LOVE the name!
      Yes, the book is GREAT, isn't it! Wow! I still will catch myself thinking about it! It's been since the beginning of May that I read it, too. SUPER great! I kind of hope they make that one into a movie! That would be really neat to see it from that angle, too!
      I hope whoever wins the book LOVES it as much as you and I and SO many others have!
      Thanks for coming by! I really appreciate it! When I end up at your place, I'll say HI there, too! That is if you are in the Hop!
      Have a nice rest of the weekend!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for joining the blog hop. I've got a copy of this book (not read yet) and I think it's a great choice. Have a great hop!

    1. Thanks, Judith!
      Oh MY! This is a GREAT book! Honestly, it's one that WILL stay in your head LONG after you put it down! I STILL think about this book! I can see it winning awards for 2012! Next time you get the FIRST chance to read this one, do it! You won't be disappointed AT ALL! You'll be glad you DID read it!
      This book is about a 14 year old boy being accused of murder. His father is the Assistant District Attorney and HAS to quit his job and ends up defending his son!
      Again, this book will stay with you LONG after you are done reading it!
      William Landay IS an author to watch! Can't wait to read another book by him! Although, I WILL be measuring up this book to his next book, of course!
      GREAT READ!!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Hop, too! Thanks for sponsoringit AND ESPECIALLY THANK YOU for sending out an email to remind us of the Hop! That s SOOO appreciative!!
      ADD me, PLEASE, to you emails for ALL your hops you host through the year! I LOVE joining in on your hops! GREAT blogs are ALWAYS in them! Including YOURS!
      See you soon!
      Laurie Carlson

  4. Just stopped on the blog hop to meet another blogger named Laurie!

    1. Hi Laurie!
      I see you everywhere, too! Our names are SO close! Last names, too, alphabetically! Your middle initial is a C. and my last name is Carlson, so when I type my name a LOT, YOUR name will pop up a LOT! Now I can finally come and look at YOUR blog! I've never been able to catch it otherwise! So far just your name!
      Have you run into this very same thing with typing your name?
      I'll leave a message saying HI when I stop by your blog!
      Thanks for stopping by MY blog for the hop! Appreciate it!
      I'm going to get on my hubby's computer to go hopping in the hop! My computer is SOOOOO SLOW!!! It's time for a NEW one! I can't update it anymore because Microsoft is NOT supporting XP anymore! I think as long as there are computers out there that use the different systems, they SHOULD STILL SUPPORT THEM! I've lost the voice control and am unable to fix my RSS feeds due to MY commputer not being able to do something?? With NO updates, I can't fix it. Oh, plus, I don't have the discs that came with this computer. LONG story how I got this one, but I got it for $100! It has lasted 3 years for me now! Amazing, huh! That's how OLD my computer is now! BUMMER, but NOT so much! I'm really looking forward to a NEW one!!! I'm looking at the Chromebooks!
      What do you think? I saw 3 available, and am thinking the largest with the 4GB. Heck, this one has 2GB, and I'm nowhere near it, so I can't imagine getting anywhere EVER near 4GB! I know there are some computers out with even higher than 4GB's! I'll miss this Notebook, but think I CAN get used to a NEW and BIGGER one really quick!! LOL!
      Thanks again!


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