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March 2012 Review Copy Clean Up Challenge!

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Well, this week our challenge is the Mysterious Meetup Challenge in which we can have a conversation with our favorite book character of all times. Who would you want to meet? What questions would you ask them? We get to share our Mysterious Meetup with you! 
I had to really think about this one! Well, I AM a little late on this week's challenge as I've been under the weather, life happens, and I've been reading and reading and reading! Be SURE to watch for several reviews starting in the next few days on many books, but ONE of the BEST books, "Defending Jacob" by William Landay, was absolutely awesome! 
So, thinking about who my favorite author is . . . . it is . . . 
KATHY REICHS! I LOVE her books! She now has 14 Temperance Brennan books and I have read EVERY one of them, except for her most recent release, which we'll talk about in the interview with Tempe! 
There is a double reason why I chose 'this' character. I LOVE the TV show Bones, and thought I would interview Temperance Brennan from the books and the TV show! The TV show helped me to 'find' Kathy Reichs, and boy, I did NOT know what I was missing! If any of you have read her books, they ARE AMAZING! 

I miss this show, Bones, on Fox Network, so DEARLY right now!! The actress who plays Temperance Brennan/Tempe, Emily Deschanel is on maternity leave right now, and so is the show! Darn! I AM glad, though, that Tempe and Booth FINALLY GOT TOGETHER on the TV show!!! Geeze, it's taken YEARS for that to happen! ALL the tension of will they or won't they get together! FINALLY!!! Now we will have the little pitter patter of baby feets running around! We will have a little baby Tempey OR Boothy! I can't WAIT to find out what the baby is and what they name it! I can't wait to see how they handle being parents, child care and all the every day duties of being a parent! I want to see Booth ga-ga'ing over the baby! There is nothing sexier than a drop-dead handsome man goo'ing over a baby! Okay, on with the questions!

Question:  Temperance, I love all of the cases you have worked on in all of the stories that Kathy Reichs has told us about you. What was your favorite story you worked on and why?

Answer:  I like Spider Bones, Kathy's 13th Temperance Brennan book the best because the case was quite a spectacular one! Don't you think so?

Question:  Absolutely! I LOVE that book! The story was GREAT! Do you like how your stories have been adapted to a completely different version of you?

Answer:  It's okay, I don't mind because that leaves all of you viewers out there wondering what the stories are about in the books!

Question:  That was a good answer!  Would you like to meet Seeley Booth?

Answer:  No, I would not. I think he's pretty hot looking, but I would like to keep it mysterious as it is now. If I met him, it would take away every fantasy I've had of him, much less the viewers! Don't you think so?

Question:  Temperance! Oh, my! You are so different from your character in the book versus the TV show! Oh, my! You do always surprise us! Yes! Seeley Booth IS pretty HOT! Do you like your character on the TV show?

Answer: No! I don't! Half the time they make me look like I don't know anything, and I have how many degrees! Tempe on TV doesn't even have common sense sometimes and that makes me mad! Although I will admit we are the same when they state I would rather go to a dig in a different country at Christmas time than spend it with family! In that regard we are very much alike! No one seems to be able to quite grasp that, but wouldn't you rather go somewhere exotic and dig up a whole new community of people and their city that once existed?

Question:  Yes, I'd have to agree! It would be nice to get away from the same ol' routine sometimes! Hey - you keep asking ME questions! I'm supposed to be  asking you questions and you are turning the tables on me! Okay now! Question for YOU! Would you like to have a baby with Andrew like Tempe is with Booth?

Answer:  No. I have to much fun working on the cases in the books. Plus, I already 'do' have a daughter in the books! People like to disappear and live another life in the stories I am in, and they don't want to read about the same mundane stories of regular everyday family life all the time. Reading is an escape, and especially in my books it is definitely an escape!

Question:  I'd have to agree with your answer on that one! Thank you for NOT asking 'me' a question this time! Now for your question! You said Spider Bones was your favorite book out of all the books Kathy Reichs has written about you. Why is that?

Answer: Well, Spider Bones has been the most interesting of cases yet, to date. Which brings me to a complaint I have! I have NOT seen the light of day in almost 2 years now! Kathy - Come on! Bring me back! I have MORE cases that are waiting to be solved! You understand that! You are spending to much time Producing the TV show! I know, there are die-hard fans out there who LOVE Bones, but . . . I want to come back!

Question:  Temperance - Did you FORGET THAT KATHY JUST RELEASED A "NEW" BOOK ABOUT YOU??? It's called "Flash and Bones"! The Hardcover was released at the end of August 2011! HOW could you forget? Now the Paperback is available as of the end of February 2012! 

Answer:  Oh yeah! Yes, it was! "I" was testing YOU! Ha, ha! You almost fell for it, too! Flash and Bones has to do with NASCAR!!! Also, there is a dead body found in a dumped in a barrel of asphalt in the landfill next to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It gets even better, but I'm leaving the rest of this up to YOU! I know ALL the Kathy Reichs fans out there are going to want to read this book, so . . . on that note, I will say goodbye for now! Thank you, Laurie, for interviewing me! This has been so much fun! Can we do this again in the future? Without people like Kathy writing about me, or Readers interviewing me like you are, I am stuck in those books!

Me: Absolutely! Well, Temperance, thank you for allowing me to interview you! This has been fun, even if you did turn the tables on ME! You ARE quite a character! No pun intended!
Now that we ALL know the NEW BOOK is available in paperback, we will all be rushing over to our closest bookstore, or, be buying it from Amazon (Amazon has a wonderful Q&A with Kathy Reichs all about this new book! The Q&A outstanding as it covers a lot of her books and also does talk about the TV show as well! is or whatever bookseller we like! That is Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs, everyone! We'll have to keep watching for the NEW EPISODES of Bones once they are back! From what I hear, they are coming back on Monday nights! I'm really glad about that because I cannot find anything to watch on Monday nights! Usually Mondays are one of my reading nights as I am recovering from my son being over on the weekend! Wow! He can wipe out anyone! Oh, to be so young again! The energy, WOW! 
And, Temperance, I am looking forward to seeing you in the new book by Kathy! You know, I'm sure it won't be to long now before book #15 may be coming out?  Kathy has gotten to take time off for Tempe's maternity leave, so that should have given her MORE time to write! 
Kathy Reichs HAS written 2 Young Adult books which is a series. Her first book is called Virals and her second is Seizure! Please be sure to check those out for those of you who love Young Adult books!

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And, Kathy Reichs Young Adult series:

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