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“You Don't Need a Prince: A Letter to My Daughter” by Cheryl Shireman



Don’t let this cover of this book fool you!  It is NOT a book for “little girls”, just the "reality" for the little girl in us who grew up believing there really is a “Prince Charming”!  ‘Lo and behold’, if there ‘is’ a Prince Charming, we had better stay away from him!

I only wish my own mother had been brave enough as to be as open, honest, and frank enough about love and men like this mother was with her daughter.

This mother/author sat down and wrote an email to her daughter about love, after she found out her daughter who was away from home and in college had met a new man from Denmark, when she was currently already in a long-term relationship.  She did not know what to do and talked to her mother about it.  Her mother was so worried about her daughter, she could not sleep.  It was 3:00am and she had to sit down and write an email to her daughter all about love.  Her daughter was so open to this letter she embraced it and forwarded it to all of her friends.  Thus, this book was born.

We all may face this same or similar situation in our lives where we may not know what to do, and question what love truly should be.  This letter is a complete description of the ‘reality’ of life and love and what one should honestly expect from it and put into it.  We all should be armed with the information from this book as it is needed to be able to confront love head on and allows us to make realistic decisions about love like her daughter did.  It would alter our lives like it did her daughter’s.  Love and life could turn out completely different for us.

Her daughter chose the man from Denmark.  Not the man she had been in the long-term relationship with.

I HIGHLY suggest EVERYONE purchase this book for their daughters, or even your son’s, and for yourself!  Why shouldn’t the young men learn what part ‘they’ need to play in being a “good man”?  If everyone could all truly know what love is and isn’t by learning from this book, just think if everyone on earth loved in this manner?  Imagine!

I found this book during the Women’s Literary Caf├ę Blog Hop that we just had on Wednesday, November 11th, this week.  After reading the description on the Blog it was featured on, I couldn’t help but to go to Amazon and purchase it immediately and dive right in and read it!  I LOVE this book!  It will go a LONG way in your daughter’s life, or anyone’s, for that matter.

I am purchasing a paperback copy of this book for my daughter for Christmas.  She is in college right now, as well!  I can only hope my daughter will be as open and embracing to this book/enmail as this daughter was to her mother.

The opinions expressed for and about this book are ‘of my own opinion’.


Meet:  Cheryl Shireman

(From  The author’s Amazon Author Page link:


Cheryl Shireman lives in Midwest on a beautiful lake with her husband, Bruce. "One of the things I like best about writing is that I can do it from home in my pajamas." She started writing as a teen, probably inspired after reading one of her favorite books, My Friend Flicka. Through the years, amid marriage, the birth of three children (Rocky, Lee Anne, and Scarlett), divorce, and her second (and last!) marriage, the one thing that has remained constant is her love of writing. She has written many "practice novels" through the years("the kind that get stuffed in a box and shoved under your bed or clutter your hard drive"). With her last child married, she is now ready to spread her own wings. Her first novel is entitled Life is But a Dream. She has just published a second novel, Broken Resolutions. Right now, she is hard at work (probably in her pajamas and staring out the window at the lake) on her third novel - a sequel to Life is But a Dream.  You can follow Cheryl Shireman on 

To PURCHASE THIS BOOK AS AN EBOOK (99 cents 'right now' 11-19-11, 'OR' as a PAPERBACK (currently $6.99 as of 11-19-11), CLICK ON THIS AMAZON PHOTO LINK!


  1. What a great review! Cheryl is awesome. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. This is on my TBR list! Great review :)

  3. Hi Anne R Allen!
    Thanks for reading and liking my review on "You Don't Need A Prince, A Letter to My Daughter", by Cheryl Shireman! I just LOVED the book! I AM purchasing the paperback edition, just like I said, for MY college aged daughter! "I" wish "I" knew this back then! I 'thought' I knew and blew it! Now, the 2nd time around, I did it RIGHT! Honestly, I could not give this advice ANY better than Cheryl Shireman has done so as in this book! I feel ALL young, medium and older women SHOULD read this book, and it CAN'T HURT FOR THE GUYS TO READ IT, TOO! They could DEFINITELY stand to LEARN from this book!
    I'm SO glad you came to my Blog to read the review! Yes, Cheryl is an AWESOME writer! GLAD to spread the word! I read it right after purchasing it! I HAD to spread the word! This book is PRICELESS!
    Thanks again!

  4. Sibel Hodge,
    You'll LOVE this book! The advice all about love is TRULY what love is! It took me to my 2nd try, but I found the man who KNEW this! 9 years later we are still JUST as happy as the 1st date! This book IS truly priceless! If ANY young, medium or even older woman reads this book, it's a HUGE benefit in the event they could use this info! Cheryl Shireman really hit the nail on the head! Like I said, I could NOT relay this same info to my daughter quite like this book does! I hope she takes it home and really contemplates everything this author has to say about love in the book! I want the BEST for my daughter, as well!
    Thanks for coming by to read my review! I appreciate it! It's GREAT when people come by and read the reviews we write, and even BETTER when you comment! Thank You!

  5. Donna Fasano,
    Hello! Thanks SO much for coming by to read this review! Yes! LOVELY cover! I just wanted to make SURE no one took this book as a children's book only because the girl on the front is a little girl. I want to make SURE people know what is inside this book! PRICELESS info on love and life! It's the way EVERY relationship should strive for!
    I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did when you do get the chance to read it!

  6. This book sounds fabulous! I like that it is such an honest book, from the heart. Thanks for sharing~



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