Friday, September 23, 2011

Today, Friday, September 23rd, 2011 was the END of "All My Children", a SAD day in Television Soap Opera History

Today, Friday, September 23rd, 2011, marks the END of one of the first Television Soap Operas, "All My Children".
Due to the fact that the Big-Wig Executives at ABC Daytime TV, made the decision to cancel 2 Soap Operas that run on their Network-ABC, All My Children, and One Life to Live.  
"All My Children" ran their LAST episode today.  So, so , so sad.  
They are replacing it with ANOTHER TALK SHOW!!! 'The Chew'.  So, chew it up and spit OUT All My Children?  
Next in line is "One Life to Live", scheduled to go OFF the air in January.  I don't know the exact date?  
Again, this show is being REPLACED WITH ANOTHER TALK SHOW!!!
I am SO sick and tired of talk shows!  Thank GOD I read the written word!  
I will NEVER forgive ABC for removing these two Soap Operas.
I have watched "All My Children" for the last 37 YEARS!!!  When I was not able to watch it, I taped it.  Now we Tivo it, or DVR it.  What is so bad about that?  
On Facebook, there has NOT been ONE GOOD WORD about the new talk show that is replacing "All My Children".  The fans of this Soap Opera do NOT want it replaced, they WANT our SOAP, like me!!!
I started one month ago, crying here and there.  You may think it silly of me, but for the last 37 YEARS, I have watched this Soap Opera.  It has gotten me through thick and thin.  Through happiness, through sadness, through life's ups and downs.  Thankfully, MORE UPS, than downs.  When I was pregnant with my first child, and feeling so sick, I'd get through the day at work, knowing at home I had "All My Children" waiting for me!  I would lay in bed watching Tad and Dixie at that time!  I watched Jenny and Craig, Jesse and Angie from teenagers to now!  There is SO much life I watched onscreen and lived off.  I depended upon that show daily.  I KNEW it would be there!  it WAS A CONSTANCY!  There was NEVER even a THOUGHT of taking it off the air!  Unfortunately, today, NOTHING is a constant.  Back a couple decades ago there was even Ryan's Hope, and another Soap that took the place of that one for a while.  "All My Children" survived ALL of that!
From today, forward, WHO will I share watching All My Children with?  What do I have to look forward to watching during the day?  Or recording it?  Nothing.  NO CONSTANCY of ONE show to watch that I LOVED!!!  41 YEARS of the same thing, every day!  It was such an escape from my own life, that I will truly miss it!  I looked forward to seeing this show EVERY day!
Now ABC Executives claim the ratings aren't there?  They couldn't be MORE wrong!  From ALL of the fans on Facebook and Twitter tweeting how MUCH they will miss this show, NO ONE can tell me the ratings were NOT there!  So they ARE keeping General Hospital??  WHAT????  A show about gangsters and the mafia?  I don't CARE about that soap!!!  I WANT ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!
One Life to Live is scheduled to go OFF the air this January 2012.  Another GREAT soap! GONE! Why??  To be replaced with ANOTHER TALK SHOW!!!!  ABC WILL BE CONTINUOUS TALK SHOWS ALLLLLL DAY!!!!
I can tell you one thing.  I will NOT be watching talk shows!!  NOR recording them!  HOW MANY TALK SHOWS THAT ARE REDUNDANT DO WE NEED?  I'M ALREADY SICK OF TALK SHOWS!  I DON'T WATCH THEM!
In my humble opinion, I think when Oprah went OFF the air on ABC, it killed them!  They HAD the viewers, until Oprah left!  Now Dr OZ is moving from NBC to ABC.  HE is supposed to be filling Oprah's old spot.
I'm SICK AND TIRED OF DR OZ!!!  HE IS AN ALARMIST, in my opinion!!!  He'll bring up a subject and tell you you are dying of this or that!   YOU NEED this supplement or to live this way of life.  DUH!  I KNOW THAT!!!  ALL of these shows seem to be Alarmists anymore!  Come on!
Personally, I have boycotted watching ABC during the daytime!  I REFUSE to watch that station.  ABC Nighttime is cancelling "Desperate Housewives".  There are a lot of people upset about that.  I can't agree with them about that show.  "All My Children" was NOT about sleeping around constantly, NOR did they wear sexy bedtime outfits tempting neighbors to sleep with them.  NOR was Desperate Housewives on television for 41 YEARS!!!
Today I watched "The View" who did a commemorative show about All My Children.  I balled my eyes out!  So did the writer, Agnes Dixon!!!  She MUST be in her 70's!  SHE was sad!!!  It was a truly heart-breaking site to see HER crying!  HER CREATION!  GONE!  At 1:00pm today, I watched the VERY LAST show of All My Children.  It was the SADDEST DAY OF MY LIFE!  All the years of this program, GONE.  No more.  NEVER again.  The characters from Pine Valley - GONE.  I'm SO sad.  I've been moping around ever since.  Breaking out in tears.  NOT a good day.  Life has changed after 2:00pm.  After the LAST show of All My Children.  I don't know what I will do now.  This show touched on many controversial subjects.  They addressed situations that SHOULD have been touched upon.  They handled it VERY well!  I will miss them dearly!
These actors on these Soap Operas work HARD!  They are on TV EVERY day!  The have to work EVERY day!  There are NO VACATIONS, NO TIME OFF!  NO SEASONS!!! THE STORY MUST GO ON!  WHAT DEDICATED PEOPLE!!  WHO ELSE IS AS DEDICATED?  Perhaps this is one of the reasons I was so dedicated to watching the show!  NO OTHER SHOW WORKS LIKE THIS!
It IS a SAD day in history.  I'm trying to move on.  Come Monday at 1:00pm, I can't tell you how I feel.  I can only guess I will be VERY sad!  I WON'T BE WATCHING THE NEW TALK SHOW!!!  REMEMBER, I AM BOYCOTTING ABC!!!  ANY show on ABC, even Extreme Home Makeover, which I LOVE, I WON'T be watching!
I have ONE thing to say to ABC Exec's:  get your heads out of your blanks and do what's right!  Put our show back on and KEEP THEM ON!!!  It's YOUR faults for NOT ADVERTISING THE SHOWS!!!  HOW'S THAT TRUTH?????
Susan Lucci, in her new Autobiography SLAMS ABC Chief Brian Frons when she found out AMC was being CUT as part of a cost-cutting initiative!!!  Read the article for yourselves at:   YES!!!  SUSAN LUCCI!!!

Makes me think the "Advertising dollar" was NOT there because now Oprah is GONE!!!
There is a LOT of talk about All My Children being aired online come January 2012.  I SURE hope this IS true!  If there is anyone out there that knows about this, please COMMENT BELOW and tell me WHERE and WHAT WEBSITE IT WILL BE ON???  I don't know 'where' it is to be aired online???  I appreciate it!!!  Thanking you ahead of time!
This is how I feel and I had to write what I feel about this HORRIBLE day in the History of Soap Operas, and in my life.
Thanks for reading!  Remember, anyone know about this January 2012, and ONLINE "NEW" shows of All My Children, please leave a comment if you know the link to where it is supposed to be online, PLEASE COMMENT!!!  THANKS!!! 


  1. I was blown away when I first heard the news as well. AMC was a part of my life since I was a little kid. As I grew up, it was something shared with my mom and grandma. Mom and Gramma are both gone and now I feel like I am losing them all over again along with AMC. It was one of my favorite hours of the day.

    I am also done with ABC. I already can't stand the over-hyper actors on their new talk show. They all seem like they are going way overboard on the forced fun and excitement. Does ABC really think we need another show like that? How many meals can one person cook in a day or how many doctor visits can one make? We want entertainment not being beat over the head with these cookie cutter shows that will be gone in a season or two.

    On another note, it sounds like ABC knew they were going to do this even before they drug all the cast from NY here to CA last year. Nothing like uprooting families and causing all sorts of problems just to dump them all anyway. Nice work jerks.

    I really hope that the show will go online. I will watch, even if it were a subscription type. I will be inteterested to see if anyone else knows. ABC could have gone to a weekly show if they needed to cut funds that bad. I guarantee their fans would follow the show wherever they could.

    I feel bad for those that don't have or use the internet. They will turn on the tv to visit Pine Valley Monday and be met by a bunch of blithering idiots sitting around YET ANOTHER kitchen table on ABC.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am glad I wasn't alone in being so sad.

  2. Hi Jules,
    I am SO glad you replied! I didn't notice at first that anyone replied, then I saw yours!! Thank You!!!!
    I feel SOOOOOOO lost now during the daytime, I don't watch ANYTHING! I agree whole-heartedly with what you said! Even to the point where they had the cast move out to California! That WAS ROTTEN! I also HATE ABC!!! I hope they ROT! Speaking of food!! You ARE right! It'll last ONE if not two seasons and be GONE!! I want to see the rating for The Chew! It's like chew up AMC and spit it out, huh! UGH! IDIOTS!! If you know WHERE online it is, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!1


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