Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Lexical Funk by Daniel Clausen

Here is a NEW Book Review!
I received the ‘Lexical Funk’ by Daniel Clausen, through the Member Giveaway Program on  Reviewers are not persuaded or suggested to give a positive or negative review of the books we receive to review, but to write exactly what we think of the book.  This book was a short version, only 48 pages of short stories..  I found the stories to be a little different, but with a very high intellectual quality to them that sometimes “I” just didn’t get.  People with more of an open mind would love these stories, as I am more of the type of person who likes the conventional novel; fiction or non-fiction.  This book, for me, is a far stretch from what I am used to reading, but this is ‘me’, as I said above.  The more I reflect on these stories, the more they grow on me.  I see this book doing VERY WELL with people who like short stories, and ones that have some dry humor to them, yet some stories are not so dry and are laugh out loud!  I LOVED the ‘ Brown Still Lives There’.  It had me roaring because when the author wrote he was an English teacher that was exactly what I was imagining!  I have a friend who fits this description to a “T”!!!  He works in the English Department at a University teaching English!  He pretty much does the same things this character does, and says the same things this character does in the story, especially when asked why he became an English Teacher.  I could NOT stop laughing at that one!  That story I could relate to!  I can see people who have some very high stress/long hour jobs picking this book up while sipping on a nice glass of wine, to get some long needed comic relief!  I read some of the stories out loud to my husband, and he got a little chuckle out of them with a smile on his face.  Perhaps these stories are geared more towards male thinking?  However, perhaps if the author provided a few more short stories in this sampling would have given me a little better perspective before I state this book is geared more for male thinking, so I don’t want to say that and have it written in stone.  I have to say this again, that the more I reflect on these stories, the more they grow on me.  This book has the opportunity to go FAR!  I would definitely suggest it to some friends who would like this sort of book!

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