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#REVIEW #NEW RELEASE #Blog Tour - Today, Oct 6th! "Pop Goes the Weasel" by M J Arlidge! 5 Amazing Stars!


DI Helen Grace returns in Pop Goes the Weasel, the electrifying new thriller from M. J. Arlidge.

The body of a middle-aged man is discovered in Southampton's red-light district - horrifically mutilated, with his heart removed.

Hours later - and barely cold - the heart arrives with his wife and children by courier.

A pattern emerges when another male victim is found dead and eviscerated, his heart delivered soon afterwards.

The media call it Jack the Ripper in reverse; revenge against the men who lead sordid double lives visiting prostitutes. For Grace, only one thing is certain: there's a vicious serial-killer at large who must be halted at all costs . . .

5+++ STARS!!!
This book is the second book in the Helen Grace series by M J Arlidge, (her first was Eeny Meeny.) These books are in no particular order, so you can pick either of them up to enjoy reading without having to have read the previous book. This book is about a new and different serial killer now on the loose in the darkness of the city streets of London.
In this book, we now have a new serial killer who seems to be only after men, or at least so far it is only men who have been killed, and the way they die, or were ‘killed’, just doesn’t quite seem a strong enough enough words to describe what happened. After these men are killed, their hearts are literally ripped out of their chests, and most are even delivered to certain people, in particular, their families, or sometimes the heart is only halfway torn out, as if the serial killer got interrupted in the kill. Either way, this serial killer is cold, calculating, and absolutely sickening in what it does, and it is incomprehensible in what is done.
Now, to catch ‘em! This is where DI Helen Grace comes in! If anyone can solve something like this, it is her. The thing that blew my mind was they wanted her OFF the case at one point! Does this stop her? NO WAY!
This is about all I can tell you about from this book so I don’t give ANY spoilers away! I will say this again, though, if you love thrillers, this series is one you will become addicted to on the very first page! I say this 'series' because at the end of this book, SURPRISE! A THIRD book is coming out!!! It states, 'the next chilling case', "The Doll's House", available from the New American Library, is available in February 2nd, 2016!' I can't WAIT!!! Yes! It IS available for Pre-Order NOW!!!
This author, M J Arlidge, does not disappoint the reader at ALL! She is one unique and remarkable writer about serial killers and the stories she writes to put her heroine, DI Helen Grace into. She is one very talented writer! I have to admit, in my opinion, that this author is one of the BEST out there writing serial killer novels! Her plots and the way they play out are so amazing! The only complaint I have is they are SO EXCELLENT that I cannot stop reading these so quickly! These stories have you glued to reading about everything that is happening sentence after sentence that you are not going to put this book down! I really mean it when I say you end up ‘reading ferociously through these’! I read the ebook galley, and I just kept my thumb/fingers constantly ready to flip the page!
I want to thank the Publisher, Penguin Group/Berkley/New American Library and NetGalley, along with the Publicist who coordinates all reviews, Blog Tours and more for inviting me to be a part of this book in exchange to write a review of my own opinion. Thank you!

If you would like to Follow this Author, you can find her on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/mjarlidge

ebook: $  9.99
print:   $11.88

So you don't forget, Book #3 is available for Pre-Order NOW, and will be delivered to your ereader automatically on Feb 2nd, 2016:

ebook: $  9.99
print:   $12.34

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#Stacking the #Shelves #7 PLUS #GIVEAWAY #Announcement starting 10-9!

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It might be because it was 4:30am when I did it (I fell asleep here in my recliner! Don't ever do what I just did!) That post takes a few hours to write, and with the Domain Host change already in the works, I cannot write it again because I'll lose it. All I can do it EDIT THIS POST.
I am very sorry, again, believe me!!
I'll see you in a few days with my review on Pop Goes the Weasel by A J Arlidge!

Welcome! It's that time again! One of my FAVORITE posts! Even I love to see the books I got each week! As far as reviews go for this week, none! Google is changing their blogs around, giving us more security, so I have been busy trying to figure out HOW to do this! What I did was Google used to have a service that allowed us to go through another domain server and that way we could drop the .blogspot off our names! I bit! I loved dropping that part! Now, in order for us to have the same level of security, we have to bring our blogs BACK to Google. This is what I am in the middle of. Because of this, you will not see Sunday's post like I usually do it. It may only be a list, and that's it.
This IS still my blog and address!
As far as what I found out today, my blog SHOULD have the same name. There should not be a blogspot hooked onto the end of my name, as far as Google says.
Either way, please watch for my blog, watch for the address - it could look like this: http://www.lauriehere.blogspot.com
OR it may look like this: http://www.lauriehere.com
OR ANOTHER DIFFERENT WAY! However it looks, I will still have you all with me, you will may have to look for me, I don't know???
Google says this is a BREEZE! I won't know until I try it . . . ???
Interesting, huh!
If anyone out there has gone through this already, PLEASE contact me and let me know how it worked for you, PLEASE!!! My email is: laurieisreading at g mail dot com! Thanks!!

As a THANK YOU for following me, supporting me and the blog, always coming back, coming back after I switch back over HERE to Google, for the upcoming holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the MANY Holidaze, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year's, and MANY MORE . . . this is from myself to YOU! HAPPY EVERYTHING!!


'1' US Follower of my blog, YOU have a chance to #WIN THIS BRAND NEW AND SHINY $79 KINDLE! (This was my first Kindle I had, and STILL my FAVORITE!!!)

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WHEN? NEXT WEEKEND, PROJECTED "START" DATE OF 10-9 to 11-1! Spread the word!! I want to give you all the way through Halloween weekend till Sunday, 11-1 at midnight to enter! You will then have your prizes to enjoy ALL through the holidays! OR, REGIFT THEM! They are YOURS to do with what you want! Make SURE to come back next weekend, on FRIDAY, the 2nd!

#WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN "THIS POST" FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, and again on Sunday, November 8th!

Fall Into Books $250 Giveaway

September 23rd to October 15th

$250 Amazon.com Gift Code or $250 in Paypal Cash sound!



The Dressmaker's War by Mary Chamberlain/NEW RELEASE 1-12-16!

Clutch by Amy Becker - Blog Tour WITH #GIVEAWAY!!! 11-18 to 11-22 and the Giveaway is . . . a CLUTCH!!! Stay tuned for MORE DETAILS!!!

While You Were Gone by Kate Moretti NEW RELEASE/9-1-15

Lies and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson Harvey

and that is a LOT for this week! I have MORE, too, but don't yet have the books!

Have you ever read Diane Chamberlain? WOW!!! She's Ahhhhhmazing!!!
I LOVE her writing, and if there is one author out there I can get completely lost in, that is Diane Chamberlain!!!

Diane Chamberlain has a NEW book out, 
Pretending to Dance/NEW RELEASE/OCT 6th!
(Sorry, but the offer ended early! The 2nd at 

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The #NYTimes Top 15 (20) #Bestsellers in #Fiction for the week ending 9-27-15! Plus #Blog Updates!

Welcome! Hope you had a great week of reading wonderful books this week! I did! Here we are with another week of #bestsellers in #Fiction again! This post is always up by NOON every Sunday and most of the time earlier!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great week! This upcoming week we have some NEW RELEASES coming out with reviews!! Watch for them!

Also, this week I will be picking winners for the blog hop that just ended Friday night and the last 2 book giveaways! Headed to the post office this upcoming week to mail LOTS of books. I was going to do it 2 weeks ago, but life happened and I was unable to do it. (Hubby had to work overtime!) I will be getting LOTS of books mailed out!

Getting ready and reading for Halloween? I am! I have a NEW book I just found at NetGalley I HAD to have to read for Halloween, so it's ready and waiting! I am finishing up Pop Goes the Weasel by M J Arlidge, who also wrote Eeny Meeny! GREAT book! This book is just as great! She keeps you in her grips while you're reading!

Okay! Let's hit the books!

Remember every time you purchase a book from my blog, you are helping to support book giveaways! Please consider this! Thank you!!

1.  The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir
ebook: $ 8.99
print:   $9.00

2. Devoted in Death by J D Robb
ebook: $13.99
print:   $17.24

3. Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child
ebook: $13.99
print:   $16.28

4. The Girl in the Spider's Web: A Lisbeth Salander novel, continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series by David Lagercrantz
ebook: $13.99
print:   $16.77

5. The End Game: Brit in the FBI (A Brit in the FBI Book 3) by Catherine Coulter and J T Ellison
ebook: $12.99
print:   $14.82

6. Hard Love: The Hacker Series #5 by Meredith Wild
ebook: $  6.99
print:   $11.67

7. The Scam: A Fox and O'Hare Novel by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
ebook: $13.99
print:   $19.60

8. The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins
ebook: $7.99
print:   $8.02

9. Fates and Furies: A Novel by Lauren Groff
ebook: $12.99
print:   $14.40

10. Gray Mountain: A Novel by John Grisham
ebook: $9.99
print:   $7.85

11. All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel by Anthony Doerr
ebook: $13.99
print:   $10.87

12. Go Set a Watchman: A Novel by Harper Lee
ebook: $15.99
print:   $16.07

13. X (Kinsey Millhone Book 24) by Sue Grafton
ebook: $14.99
print:   $17.37

14. Fatal Frenzy (The Fatal Series Book 9) by Marie Force
ebook: $7.99
no print version yet

15. Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
ebook: $ 4.99
print: $11.68

There are our first 15 books! Thanks for coming by! I'll see you later this week with some New Releases and Reviews! Here are the last 5 to bring the bestsellers to 20!

ONE YEAR AFTER, by William R. Forstchen (Forge)
THE NIGHTINGALE, by Kristin Hannah (St. Martin's)
GREY, by E. L. James (Vintage)
DARK WILD NIGHT, by Christina Lauren (Gallery)
DRIVING HEAT, by Richard Castle (Kingswell)

Leave a comment! Tell us what you are reading! See you next week!

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Stacking the Shelves #6! Come see what #books I received this week!

               Thanks to our Sponsor, Tynga's Reviews

Hello! It's time to see what books I got this week! I LOVE this post! Here we go, first with books I received from Publishers/Publicists/NetGalley/and an Author!

The Skeleton Haunts A House by Leigh Perry
It's the perfect time of year for this NEW RELEASE NetGalley on October 6th!

Come As You Are, The Surprising New Science That Will transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski, PH.D.
Released on March 3rd, 2015 - NetGalley - Sounds VERY interesting!! Can't wait to start this one!

Put A Ring On It by Beth Kendrick - New Release! NetGalley November 3rd! I am in a Blog Tour for this book, and my Review Date is it's release date of Nov 3rd! Watch for it!!

White Collar Girl, A Novel, by Renee Rosen NEW RELEASE  NetGalley Nov 3rd!
I am in a Blog Tour for this book, and you can see my Review on November 3rd, the Release Date! Watch for it!!

Reconnecting by Katalin Kennedy  2015 Women's Fiction print edition sent to me by the author (a Canadian Author making this book only available online at Chapters and Baico (the Publisher) and from the author at http://katalinkennedy.com


The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber (Kindle edition)

Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah 

And, how can ANYONE, (any woman) resist "Coco Chanel" by Justine Picardie (Kindle Edition)

That's ENOUGH for this week! Hope YOU found a LOT of GREAT books, too!

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#Fall into #Books $250 #Giveaway! MORE info + #enter at the #blog! NOW to 10-15!

Fall into Books Giveaway

Fall Into Books $250 Giveaway
September 23rd to October 15th
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Giveaway Details

$250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 Amazon.com eGift Card

Ends 10/15/15

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#REVIEW - If I Knew You Were Going To Be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go by Judy Chicurel

“Brings to mind the books of Richard Price and the films of Martin Scorsese... I did not want this book to end.” —Julie Klam, New York Times–bestselling author of Friendkeeping

It is the summer of 1972, and Katie has just turned eighteen. Katie and her town, Elephant Beach, are both on the verge: Katie of adulthood, and Elephant Beach of gentrification. But not yet: Elephant Beach is still gritty, working-class, close-knit. And Katie spends her time smoking and drinking with her friends, dreaming about a boy just back from Vietnam who’s still fighting a battle Katie can’t understand. In this poignant, evocative debut collection, Judy Chicurel creates a haunting, vivid world, where conflicts between mothers and daughters, men and women, soldiers and civilians and haves and have-nots reverberate to our own time. She captures not only a time and place, but the universal experience of being poised between the past and the future. At once heartbreaking, mesmerizing, and nostalgic, Chicurel shows us that no matter how beautiful some dreams are, there comes a time when we must let them go.

My Take:
3 Stars
First off, when I tell you I kind of enjoyed this book, you’re going to think I’m crazy! This is a brazen story, the words are rough and tough, and it’s not the typical book you would think I would read AT ALL. I normally wouldn’t had I not had this for a blog tour.
Katie, who this book is about, lives in Elephant Beach, Long Island, and it is set during the Vietnam War, 1972. It has pregnancy, abortion, drugs, any and everything bad you can think of, and life is in a haze of all of this while the war is going on.
In some of the other reviews I read before I dove into this book had mentioned that the writing and the times were hard to put together, but that is the beauty of this book in that it is written ‘for’ the times, for 1972, and for Elephant Beach that everyone wants to leave. There are a LOT of characters, had I realized this in the beginning, I probably would have counted!
The last chapter of this book makes reading this book the best! 
I would like to thank the Publisher, Penguin Group and NetGalley for giving me the chance to read and review this book for them.