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The #NYTimes Top 15 (20) #Bestsellers for the week ending 12-6 plus blog updates!

Welcome! Hope you've had a GREAT week of reading enjoyment! I always get take the opportunity even if it is only 5 minutes here and there, and it doesn't always have to be fiction, either.
I'm SO SORRY I'm late this weekend!!! I went PAST NOON getting this posted! That is a 2nd!
I watched a show my husband recorded this week called #RacingExtinction from @Discoverey and WOW! It POUND my heart! IF you get a chance to watch it On Demand or Amazon Prime, PLEASE DO SO!!! MORE people NEED to watch shows like these to become AWARE so we DON'T eat animals away like we are eating the sharks the away. Yes! We ARE eating our sharks away, as well as the frogs, turtles, and so many MORE animals we don't know about. In about 50 years we will be racing to keeps those animals from going extinct (yes, the HUGE WHALES!) to "try" to keep them alive, and you know how HARD it is to keep species of animals alive once they go on the extinct list. You and I don't harm them, but what we MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT is that cup of whale soup you might try at the restaurant tonight is an animal that may be going extinct! Watch what you eat, and don't try foods you've never heard of - that's why you haven't heard of them.
This program and the knowledge Scientists have about extinction, and I know extinction/this climate change (I'll have to tell you my story how I came to the knowledge 'in my face', literally, another time when I have more of it, but it's quite a story! I'll TRY to write about it next weekend, but that opened my eyes up to it when I was 12! I also learned about men and 'possible' sex trafficking back during that "FAMILY" VACATION, too. BOTH are QUITE the stories!! I WILL tell you about that next weekend when I have more time to type. Everyone NEEDS to KNOW about when I 'thought' I did! HA!!! I just WISH ESP WERE real!! Then my father could have shown up and helped me!!! Okay! NEXT week!!!)
I do NOT mean to put this on YOU, not at all, but "sometimes" WE GET TRICKED into doing what I just said and it IS usually at a restaurant! How AWFUL, isn't it! This show KILLED ME inside. PLEASE watch this if you can!
Also, at the end of that Documentary, they left us with this (I don't have the perfectly 'exact' numbers because I accidentally DELETED this at the end! UGH! I was SO mad at myself!!!) Here is what my husband and I remember, and he remembers VERY well!

"If everyone did not eat meat for ONE DAY a week for a year, it would be like taking over 7.5 MILLION cars off the road for a day!" 

(Getting rid of the emissions cars and trucks give off WILL even IF ONLY for ONE day DOES make a HUGE difference! The SAME as people who smoke, if they all DID use electronic cigarettes and they ARE as successful at quitting as they have been to date, WOW!!! What a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!) That is QUITE the statement!!! Amazing, huh!!! LET'S DO IT!!!!
(Personally, I BARELY eat meat because I really don't like the taste of it, but MANY people DO like it, so I believe that sure would make a HUGE difference!!!)
I have already given up cigarettes, but had I not, I surely would have done this!

I want like to THANK THE PUBLISHERS FOR DROPPING THE PRICES ON THE EBOOKS!!! Or, at least it sure looks like prices have gone down! THANK YOU!!! Given the above and the environment, it takes MUCH LESS money to make an EBOOK than it does to PRINT a PRINT version of a book that when you get someone like me who is so PRO-environment, I DO opt for the ebook, but you ALL know that!
Let's be EXTREMELY grateful the price drop right now because of the amazing price drops across retailers for this weekend! I PRAY this continues because it affects everyone and everything (the environment) all the way around!!! Let's be gracious!!

Okay! On a brighter note, let's get to the books!

All of these books can be clicked on as they are linked directly to Amazon for your Kindles OR your APPS for Kindle so you can read them anywhere! It's for YOUR convenience and my blog earns a percentage in the form of a gift card that I apply to giveaway books. IF you feel like spending your money for a book through my blog, click on ANY of these books and you can go to the from here! I thank you immensely!!!

1. Cross Justice by James Patterson
ebook: $14.99
print:   $14.39

2. Tricky Twenty-Two: A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich
ebook: $13.99
print:   $15.10

3. The Guilty by David Baldacci
ebook: $14.99
print:   $10.59

4. See Me by Nicholas Sparks
ebook: $12.99
print:   $14.37

5. Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham
ebook: $12.99
print:   $17.37

6. The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir
ebook: $8.99
print:   $9.00

7. The Crossing by Michael Connelly
ebook: $14.99
print:   $11.69

8. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories by Stephen King
ebook: $14.99
print:   $16.18

9. Wild Cat (Leopard series) by Christine Feehan
ebook: $7.99
print:   $6.47

10. All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel by Anthony Doerr
ebook: $13.99
print:   $15.29

11. Stars of Fortune: Book One of the Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts
ebook: $  9.99
print:   $10.64

12. The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins
ebook: $11.99
print: $ 8.08

13. The Man in the High Castle by Phillip K Dick
ebook: $9.99
print:   $8.70

14. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel by Mitch Albom
ebook: $12.99
print:   $15.29

15. All Dressed in White: An Under Suspicion Novel by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke
ebook: $13.99
print:   $12.50

Thank you SO much for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Here are the rest: 16 to 20!

NIGHT MOVES, by Nora Roberts (Silhouette)
THE PHARAOH'S SECRET, by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown (Putnam)
THE NIGHTINGALE, by Kristin Hannah (St. Martin's)
THE JAPANESE LOVER, by Isabel Allende (Atria)
GO SET A WATCHMAN, by Harper Lee (Harper)

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