Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge hosted by The True Book Addict @ The Christmas Spirit Blog!

I openly admit that I AM a Reading Challenge Addict! The button is in the right-side column of my blog! This IS how most of those meetings start, right? LOL! Take a look and you will see it! Click on it or the TAB above called Challenges, and you WILL SEE ALL THE CHALLENGES I AM IN!) I am in a LOT of Challenges, and it's time for me to Update that page! I've been a little lax in that category!

So, look what I found! Thanks to Aobiblioclassique! Click on the name for his LINK to 'one' of his blogs, his blog about the Classics, and what he is dong for the Challenge! Go on over and take a look! He would LOVE any comments you leave for him! Thank You, AO! You ARE my FAVE!!! It is a "Christmas Book Reading Challenge!" Wow! Right up my alley! It is SO ME!!! This is sponsored by The True Book Addict at her Christmas blog called Christmas Spirit by the True Book Addict! 

For this Challenge, we are to do a post about it, and explain what it is, of course! So here it is!

This is her 4th year doing this Challenge! Thank you!!! It runs from November 19th to January 6th, which is Epiphany, or Little Christmas, and also the 12th day of Christmas! Many people think that the 12 days of Christmas start BEFORE Christmas, well they ARE WRONG! The 12 days of Christmas truly starts the day AFTER Christmas, December 26th all the way until January 6th. If you count it out, the 12th day IS January 6th! (My true birthday! Yes, I was born on Epiphany, or Little Christmas, or The 12th Day of Christmas! On a religious note, this is the day the Three Wise Men brought their gifts to baby Jesus, thus, the name Epiphany. If you recall in the Bible story, the three wise men saw the star in the sky which looked down where he lay, (recognize the song reference?) and it took these men twelve days of traveling on foot to reach the new born Savior. Again, thus the twelve days of Christmas.

So, how does this Challenge work? There are multiple levels, such as reading Children's books to watching movies. Movies, I can do! I have the Hallmark Channel and GMC on ALL day and ALL night long! I see SO MANY Christmas movies, it's ridiculous! I read through the repeats at this time of year! They started showing Christmas movies on November 12th this year! Kind of crazy starting SO early, but I sure DO enjoy it! A GREAT break from the daily programming! I guess I AM a Christmas Movie JUNKEE!!! LOL! Anyway, there is something for everyone in this Challenge! The dates this runs is up above, already covered. Cross-overs from other Challenges is totally permitted and encouraged, thank gosh! I have a lot going on! The books must be Christmas novels, Christmas lore, short stories, poems, Christmas crafts, or Children's books. If you click on her link up above, she has a list of ALL the New Releases this year, too.

There are different 'required' levels:
1. Candy Cane: 1 book
2. Mistletoe: 2-4 books
3. Christmas Tree - 5, 6 or MORE books! This is the fanatic level! 

Extra Levels:
4. Fa, la, la, la, la Films: Watch as many Christmas movies as we want!
5. Visions of Sugar Plumbs: Read Christmas books to children (Well, mine are grown and would NOT prefer me to read to them! I asked, but was QUICKLY turned down! LOL!!!

So, what am I going to do?

3. Christmas Tree - 5, 6 or MORE Christmas books! I guess that makes me a FANATIC!
4. Fa, la, la, la, la - FILMS! Oh, I have the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark MOVIE Channel on ALL day! I like noise in the background, even if I'm reading. I guess I like to WATCH the Very BEST! LOL! Sure beats anything else that's on in the Daytime! (I can't listen to the radio because if a song comes on I know, I'll start singing it!)

So, that's it! You can see this Challenge on the Challenge Tab up above! I will also have the button in the right side column to click on and take you there!
Happy Christmas Reading!

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